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Marists gathered on third day of discussions on ‘New Models’ Project

13/07/2015: General House - Photo gallery
New Models

During an encounter with Marists gathered in Rome from around the world, the provincial superior of Brasil Centro Sur said the Institute could see changes within just a few years.

“It’s possible that within five or 10 years, there will already be concrete changes in some of the regions,” said Brother Joaquim Sperandio. 

“But not in other regions that will need to first find solutions to other basic things,” he told the general house press office on July 13.

Br Joaquim noted “perhpas the formation of the brothers will change since we’re going to do things more internationally.”

According to the brother, who labelled the encounter at the general house as “highly positive,” this could mean that novices are moved to different countries during their period of formation.

His comments came on the third day of discussions of the ‘New Models of Animation, Governance and Management’ project, which includes 85 participants.

The July 10 – 14 encounter is a set of discussions on the project, which aims at reflecting on ways of involving the laity and of globalizing the Institute.

“This is a very difficult topic,” said José María Sanz, one of the organizers of the event. “We’re starting to understand that it’s better to walk together than to walk separately, to network in schools, in communities and socially.” 

“I’m very happy with how (the encounter) is going,” he added. “Everyone has to walk according to one’s own resources but we are on our way towards a future that we need to create.” 

The provincial of West Central Europe, Brother Brendan Geary, was also pleased and underscored “it’s better than what I expected.”

“There is clearly a good will to find solutions at local and institute level,” he affirmed. “The programme is more human, not overcharged with sessions and people are more present.”

After morning Mass today, participants gathered in different working groups to discuss the theme ‘co-creators of the future.’

Divided according to region, questions were raised on what regional structures they believe are possible to establish to better involve the laity.

1 Gregorio Linacero América Central Viceprovincial
2 Luis Carlos Gutiérrez América Central Provincial
3 Joe McCarthy Australia Director, Lay Marists
4 Peter Carroll Australia Provincial
5 José Wagner Rodrigues da Cruz Brasil Centro Norte Consejero provincial
6 Wellington Medeiros Brasil Centro Norte Provincial
7 Joaquim Sperandio Brasil Centro Sur Provincial
8 Jorge Gaio Brasil Centro Sur Ecónomo provincial
9 Gérard Bachand Canadá Provincial
10 Richard Roy Canadá Viceprovincial
11 Máximo Blanco Compostela Coordinador del Consejo de misión
12 Óscar Martín Compostela Provincial
13 Eutimio Rubio Crudel Sur Consejero provincial
14 Horacio Bustos Crudel Sur Provincial
15 João Gutemberg Distrito de Amazonia Superior de distrito
16 Valter Zancanaro Distrito de Amazonia Secretario ejecutivo UMBRASIL
17 Juan Castro Distrito de Asia Superior de distrito
18 Michael Noel Potter Distrito de Asia Consejero provincial
19 Lindley Halago Sionosa East Asia  
20 Robert Teoh  East Asia Provincial
21 Brendan Geary Europa Centro-Oeste Provincial
22 Maurice Taildeman Europa Centro-Oeste Consejero provincial
23 Ambrosio Alonso Ibérica Provincial
24 Moisés Alonso Ibérica Viceprovincial
25 Maurice Berquet L´Hermitage Provincial
26 Pere Ferré L´Hermitage Vicario provincial
27 Silvain Ramandimbiarisoa Madagascar Provincial
28 Antonio Giménez Mediterránea Provincial
29 Juan Carlos Fuertes Mediterránea Viceprovincial
30 Juan Miguel Anaya Torres Mediterránea Consejero provincial
31 Jean Marie Batick Melanesia Superior de distrito
32 Mark Kenatsi Melanesia Deputy District Superior
33 José Sánchez México Central Coordinador del Equipo Provincial de Pastoral Educativa
34 Justino Gómez México Central Enlace NM
35 Ricardo Reynozo México Central Provincial
36 Eduardo Navarro México Occidental Provincial
37 Raúl Fernando Lara México Occidental Consejo de obras
38 Henry Chidi Uzor Nigeria Provincial Secretary
39 Joachim Okoye-Ezetulugo Nigeria Provincial
40 César Rojas Norandina Provincial
41 Diego Antón Norandina Consejero provincial
42 Edouard Yatha PACE Consejero provincial
43 Valentin Djawu PACE Provincial
44 David McDonald Pacífico Superior de distrito
45 Kevin Wanden Pacífico Distric Council
46 José María Custodi Paraguay Superior de distrito
47 Claudiano Tiecher Rio Grande do Sul Gerente de Planejamento
48 Inacio Nestor Etges Rio Grande do Sul Provincial
49 Pedro Herreros Santa María de los Andes Viceprovincial
50 Saturnino Alonso Santa María de los Andes Provincial
51 Shanthi Liyanage South Asia Provincial
52 Sunanda Alwis South Asia Persona de contacto NMAGG
53 Fortune Chiedzo Southern African  
54 Joseph Walton Southern African Provincial
55 Benjamin Consigli USA  
56 Patrick MCNamara USA Provincial
57 Francis Lukong West Africa Provincial
58 Daniel Taylor West Africa  
61 Carlos Huidobro AG Secretario General
67 Libardo Garzón AG Economo General
59 Chris Wills CMI  
60 Antonio Ramalho Consejo general  
62 Emili Turú Superior general  
63 Ernesto Sánchez Consejo general  
64 Eugene Kabanguka Consejo general  
65 Joe McKee Vigario general  
66 Josep María Soteras Consejo  
68 Michael de Waas Consejo  
81 Víctor Preciado Consejo  
69 Manel Mendoza FMSI  
70 Mario Meuti FMSI  
71 Carlos Alberto Rojas Organización  
72 Francesco Fusco Organización  
73 Gabriel Villa-Real Organización  
74 Joao Carlos do Prado Organización  
75 José María Sanz Organización  
76 Luca Olivari Organización  
77 Matthieu Daum Organización  
78 Michael Green Organización  
79 Miguel Ángel Espinosa Organización  
82 Peter MCNamara Proyect Team  
83 Hipólito Pérez  Secretariado  
84 Javier Espinosa Secretariado  
85 Pep Buetas Secretariado  
86 Tony Leon Secretariado  

New Models

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