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17 elderly Brothers meet in Italy



Brothers participate in the course ‘Amanecer 2015’ in Manziana

01/09/2015: Italy - Photo gallery

Seventeen elderly Brothers are participating in a course of spirituality in the small town of Manziana, close to Rome (Italy). 

Marists between 70 and 80 years of age, Spanish and Portuguese speaking, are taking part in a two-month program called “Amanecer” - Dawn or daybreak – lasting until October 10. 

The course which began on August 10, is organized for brothers “who wish to participate and have the opportunity to stop once again on the way”, as Brother Javier Ocaranza said. 

Br. Javier added that it is for those who wish “to find themselves and find the Lord serenely through the years that they have lived and get new force to live fully and in peace”.  

According to Brother this is also an invitation to “feel that he continues to have an important role in life and in the mission of the Institute, and make a rich experience of sharing with his brothers and be leaven of fraternity, hope and service”. 

Br. Javier said that an expectation is “to live the fraternal experience of a community life that participates and is warm, attentive and joyful towards others”.                        

Other expectations are “to heal areas which have not been healed and to abandon oneself to the merciful love of God; to have long periods of time of interior silence, prayer, contact with nature, with oneself, with the brothers”. 

To draw up their life project so that when they arrive to their communities, they may enrich them with their lived experience in the course and be bearers of true hope, joy and love “Mystics and Prophets”, he added.  

The organizing team is formed by Brothers Landelino Ortego Guerrero (Norandina, Director of the course), Francisco Javier Ocaranza Sáinz (Western Mexico sub-director of the course) as executives and Marist Father Díaz García Mauricio (Mexico, Chaplain of the course) 

The participants are Brothers Alonso Manjón Máximo (L’Hermitage), Arnáiz Arroyo Andrés (Mediterranean),  De Loera Romo Gerardo (Western Mexico), González Fernández Eleuterio (Ibérica), Jiménez Chica Rogelio (Norandina), Leante Martínez Jesús Federico Javier (Ibérica), López Esparza Francisco Javier (Cruz del Sur), Martínez Gil Eustasio (Central America), Mina Espeleta Juan José (Mediterranean),  Pujolàs Maset Heriberto (L’Hermitage), Rodríguez de la Torre Arturo (Compostela), Ronchi Nilso Antonio (Brasil Centro Sul), Salet Roque Ari (Rio Grande do Sul), Vázquez Filgueiras Manuel Ramón (Compostela).

The collaborating speakers are: Br. Juan Moral, Profesor Eva López García, Br. Ramón Benseny, Br. Josep María Soteras, Br. Ernesto Sánchez Barba, Br. Carlos Huidobro, Br. Xavi Barceló, Br. Ernesto Tendero, Br. Teófilo Minga, Fr. Antonio Gascón, Team of L’Hermitage, Br. Emili Turú, Br. José María Ferre, Dr. José Ma. Pérez-Soba Díaz del Corral. 

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