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Chronicles of the second and third days of the Extended General Council

04/03/2016: Brazil

March 1

The second day of the Extended General Council, Wednesday, March 2, began with a prayer on the theme of fraternity, a gift that we offer, led by Br. Victor Preciado.

The activities began with a presentation by Brother Josep Maria Soteras of statistics and history of religious life in the world. A group discussion then followed on perspectives, experiences and lessons of religious life within the Institute.

In the evening, the prayer theme included questions such as ‘when is it a time for change? For whom do we want to change? For whom do we want to face certain challenges? How far can we go? Br Josep Maria Soteras presented the perspectives of the New Models of Animation, Governance and Management, underscoring everyone’s responsibility in the Institute’s common mission.

Finally, before the Eucharistic celebration, Br Wagner Cruz presented the process carried out by the team in charge of elaborating initiatives geared towards integrating Brazil and the Cono Sur region.


March 3

The aim of the prayer and the dialogue, animated by Br Antonio Ramalho on March 3, was fraternity, the gift that we share.

Referring to the Vatican’s document ‘Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church,’ Br Antonio proposed two questions: what do you offer to the life of your community, Council, and Institute? What are we jointly capable of creating for ourselves?

The topic of the relationship between Brothers and laity was also covered, in a spirit of reciprocity and the process that is being experienced in the preparation of the document ‘Global Framework of a Marist Vocational Process
for the Laity.’

Vicar general Brother Joe McKee presented the proposal of the XXII General Chapter, which will take place in Colombia and in the afternoon he presented the Lavalla200 Project on new international communities.

The Eucharistic celebration was animated by the Cruz del Sur province and each group offered God a gift. 

March 1


Florianópolis, 1 - 5 de março de 2016

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