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Implementation of Mission Organization

22/03/2016: General House
New Models

Power Point - Mission structure at General Administration level (1 MB): English | Español | Français

In its February 2016 Plenary session, the General Council agreed on the general direction and methodology concerning the implementation of Mission approach at general, regional and administrative levels (AU).  

The global vision of the New Models Project had already been presented in July 2015 at the Assembly in Rome with all Provincials, Superiors of Districts and link persons responsible for the implementation of the Project at AU level. 

The New Models Project proposes principles, guidelines and proposals of processes for a better organization of the Mission at all the levels of the Institute. Now in the implementation phase, the proposal is being adapted in accordance with reality, needs, opportunities and common interests of each region and Administrative Unit (AU).

America Sur and Arco Norte regions constituted working groups, which have developed proposals for the region, worked with and approved by the Provincial councils of each region after the extended meetings of the General Council. In the same way, Asia has created a working group that will begin to reflect on the theme during the provincial Conference of Asia, in the next month of April. Africa has entrusted to the African Commission of Mission that role. Among other initiatives, Europe and Oceania are developing proposals for the creation of networks of educational works or mission at the regional level. Insofar as the reflections move forward regionally, the reflections about the adequacy of each administrative unit deepen in order to respond and connect with the regional level and the general one in order to avoid duplications of structures and processes.

There is a big concern about the process and about the focus of the project, with those involved in the Mission. The expectations are that: this initiative achieve to promote greater vitality to the Marist Mission and to contribute to the clarity of the roles and responsibilities of Brothers and Lay; that it achieve to make possible better training for both and achieve a greater proximity to children and young people. It is expected that the new proposal prepare all of us as an Institute to ensure innovation and creativity within the presence and vitality of the charism, in places where the presence of Brothers has mostly declined. 

Finally yet importantly, it is expected that this initiative encourage the vision of the Institute and of the Marist Mission as a "global body", always looking for solidarity and stewardship in all areas at all levels of the mission.

The proposals of the New Model Project go beyond organizational matters. In tune with the other processes of the General Council and Secretariats, in particular with Today's Brothers, Laity and International communities, so as with the revision of its constitutions the intent is to promote a new mentality for the Marist Mission and its agents.  For this reason, it was launched this process of co-creation in view of the new Marist centenary to be celebrated in 2017.

At the level of the General Government, it was agreed about the progressive implementation of the new mission structure. Thus, it is expected the creation of a Mission Committee operational in 2017 which could evolve to a Mission Council after the General Chapter XXII.  The Mission Committee will be of support to the General Council concerning the reflection and the coordination of the Marist Mission at a general level.  At operational level, the FMSI Children Rights, the CMI and the Mission Secretariat will work in a more integrated way in consideration that the last two will be working under the Mission Committee.

For the first phase of the implementation, the General Council has appointed two internal Teams and two Working Groups in order to support the creation of structures and processes.

The scope of appointing the two internal Teams and the two Working Groups is to ensure consistency, coherence, alignment and compliance of the new Mission structure with the legal and canonical structures of the Institute at Global, Intermediate and Local levels.  

Power Point - Mission structure at General Administration level (1 MB): English | Español

New Models

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