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Nearly 60 participants of 13 fraternities gather in Cruz del Sur

19/05/2016: Argentina

During an encounter of fraternities of the Cruz del Sur province in Luján, Argentina, 10 brothers and 48 laity received a video message from Superior General Brother Emili Turú.

“I hope that as small Marist Christian communities, you are able to promote the revolution of tenderness and the revolution of care,” he remarks in the video.

Br Emili labeled this year “a happy coincidence” of the Church’s Year of Mercy with the Institute’s Fourvière Year.

Brother Guillermo Mautino, one of the participants, underscored that “the meeting allowed us to integrate fraternity members of the province's different areas, enrich each other by sharing our experiences, and to feel that these ‘little Marist Christian communities’ are part of a large movement where many hearts vibrate with the charism of Champagnat increasing their sense of belonging to the Marist work.”

“The aim was to continue with the project we began last year and to promote and encourage specific ministries for the fraternities to carry out, emphasizing the fact of being contemplative when acting,” he told the general house press office on May 11.

Cruz del Sur’s Vice Provincial, Brother Raúl Schönfeld, and members of 13 fraternities representing 12 works gathered from May 6 – 8 to reflect on the path of the province and the new region, América Sur.

Brother Gerardo Accastello held a workshop of spirituality during the event, which focused on “working on one’s interiority while reflecting how it carries us towards our mission.”

On May 8, each fraternity presented its own history, difficulties, challenges and the concrete ministry it is currently working on.

“We consider it is a beautiful way of visualizing how Marcellin’s spirit helps to continue transforming the world and we feel we are moving together, with a family spirit, on a path that leads us towards the Montagne of today and that keeps Champagnat’s dream alive,” affirmed Br Guillermo.

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