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Saint Agnes
1952, First Marist Brothers foundation opened in Rwanda
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Tuesday, July 19 – Drink at the source

21/07/2016: France - Photo gallery

On Tuesday, July 19, the young Marists participating in the International Meeting of Young Marists in Lyon were invited to drink at the source, to discover the places of foundation which have a strong symbolical dimension for each one of the Congregations.  To be permeated, to experience, to be affected by the places, their history, what they represent.   


Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary (SMSM), Ste Foy Lès Lyon, La Neylière

The time of welcome at the “signal” of Ste Foy Lès Lyon, in the first house of formation in which the missionary Sisters were formed before leaving on mission.  To experience how Françoise Perroton responded to the call of God.  And then strong witnesses from an Italian Sister and a Tongan Sister. The young were moved, touched by the exclusively missionary dimension of the Congregation.  They left the place where they lived to be sent to the world. 

Then the departure for Neylière, Françoise Perroton turned toward the Marist Priests who were already on mission.  Then the visit of the frescoes of the chapel, the tomb of Father Collin; the prayer all united with the groups of Marist Priests for the unity of the Marist Family and their Founders.   

Then followed the visit to the place Collin and of the museum of Oceania 

To experience the intuition of Father Collin that the world would be Marist 

Then the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer and fraternity between the Marist Priests and the SMSM


Marist Sisters, Cerdon, Belley

During the journey towards Cerdon, a small stop on the balm to see Cerdon from on high, and a stop in front the memorial of the French Resistance.  Once we arrived to Cedron: visit to the Church and  the Marist presence in Cerdon thanks to the great Marian Poster.  Then the prayer and the lighting of candles to offer our dreams before the statue of the Virgin Mary before which Jean-Claude Collin and Jeanne-Marie Chavoin prayed to our Lady of Cerdon.   This is equally a way of perpetuating the tradition of the inhabitants of Cerdon to light candles around Our Lady of Cerdon.  Then the visit to what is left of the first house of the Marist Sisters. Then we visited the cellar to taste the famous local sparkling wine.   After lunch, we left for Belley; there we visited the house of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, and the Chapel where her remains are kept; a prayer of union in the Chapel, a meeting with the elderly Sisters of Belley, ice-cream and fresh drinks for all.  We then visited the historical museum and the cemetery of the Sisters.  

It was a beautiful day for the young, which no doubt has changed their heart, thanks especially to the encounter and the sharing with the elderly Sisters.  


Marist Priests, la Neylière

This was a day of breathing, at the expense of the Neylière; a day of beautiful encounters, all the team of the Formators of the Marist Priests was present and joined the group of the young for the visit of the place. 

It was an experience of prayer and knowledge of the house that very few young people knew.  One could read the joy on their faces when the time to return arrived, a witness of the joy that this day of discovery had given them. 


Marist Brothers, Our Lady of l’Hermitage (St Chamond)

What is important in l’Hermitager are not the stones, but the spirit of fraternity and communion that one experiences in that place.  

The experience of the mixed community moved, impressed the people because of its welcome and community life that make possible the dream of Marcelin Champagnat. 

Many of the young know the life of the Founder and l’Hermitage in the books.  But now they were able to touch, to experience what the life of Champagnat was since these places are permeated by it. 

Each one was able to live the spirit of the Founders and Foundresses, to nourish themselves with their history, their intuitions, the call of God which urged them to believe and to dream of a better future. 

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