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Letting go

22/09/2017: Colombia

In terms of the overall process, the General Chapter is about to complete the first phase of “Perceiving the present reality and the future” to move on to the next phase of “articulating the collective purpose for the future of the Institute”. This movement requires of everyone a certain "letting go". This was the focus of today’s process.


Morning Prayer

Today’s morning prayer focused on the theme of “surrender or letting-go” The words of the prayer invited participants to empty themselves, leaving room for the other, for the divine mystery.

The moments of prayer throughout the Chapter always have as their theme the focus relevant to that day. Many of the participants have expressed appreciation for the way in which the prayer has helped them to be in touch with God’s presence, to centre and to be better connected with the Chapter process. The prayer animation team consists of Brothers Tony Leon, Anselmo Kim, Fabrício Alves da Cruz and Alicia Alexandra Morales. This team prepares the morning prayer, marial moment and Eucharistic celebrations. Chaplain for the Chapter is Brother Rodrigo Ortiz, a Franciscan who lives in Medellin.


Presentation of the text of the Constitutions and Rule of Life

The first session began with Br. Josep Maria Soteras notifying capitulants that the third draft of the revised Constitutions and the first draft of the Rule of Life is now available for them to read. Josep Maria briefly outlined the different purpose and character of these two documents and their contents.

The Constitutions and Statutes are organised into 5 chapters.

The Rule of Life is organised into two sections, each having sub-sections.

  1. If you knew the gift of God (a) Our Vocation: to be brothers; Our way: living in communities; Our heart: in permanent service)
  2. A Gift for the Church and the World (The Gift for the Church and the World) - In the sources of the Marist charism; Towards a new dawn of the Marist Charism).

Jose Maria noted that the Constitutions and Statutes, while approved by the General Chapter, are finally approved by the Holy See as the Church’s recognition of the particular role and mission we have in its life. The proposed Rule of Life, if agreed to by this Chapter, is a document approved by the General Chapter for the Institute. Hence, this is a document that potentially can evolve over time.

Josep Maria finished by giving an indication of the timing and process for dealing with the Constitutions, Statutes and Rule of Life. At the beginning of October, the Chapter will first decide whether or not to accept the two documents proposed by the Constitutions Revision Commission. Capitulants will then work through the proposed texts, ending with voting on the texts. At this point, the capitulants were encouraged to take the time to read and familiarise themselves with the two documents.


Taking the pulse

For the remainder of the first session, Brother Ernesto Sánchez invited the group to take time to reflect on their experiences of these first two weeks, giving attention to the learnings, feelings and resistances. After the personal reflection, sharing of experiences happened in pairs. Finally, participants had an opportunity to share what they have lived in the plenary group.


Second Session

In this session, the facilitator led the group into the process of today’s theme, namely the “Sabbath”, that is, trying to capture a sense of how this body, the Institute, is moving into the future. The first exercise involved recalling the insights gained over these past two weeks, the themes identified about the reality of our world and the Institute, both now and in 10 years’ time. In the future, certain things will not be possible. Therefore, recognition needs to be given to what won’t continue.

The task, then, was to identify the kind of direction the body is moving into the future. Identifying what needs to be done to achieve this will be done at a later stage. For now, participants focused on the key themes shaping the future of the world according to the 8 trends previously identified, including the key areas highlighted by Brother Emili.

Participants also identified the strengths that bring vitality and energy to the Institute, along with the main challenges being faced. In addition, Matthieu asked the participants to recall their learnings from the immersion experience in Medellín and in the encounter with the young people.


Metaphor for the future

Following the quiet time taken individually and in groups, participants were asked to identify a metaphor that would best capture both the Institute (the body) as it is today, and how it is emerging into the future. Participants drew their metaphors on pieces of paper.

Afternoon session

When the participants resumed for the afternoon session, they took time to explain the metaphor they had drawn to members of their table group.

Following this, Matthieu posed some questions for groups to discuss at their tables:

For our Body (Institute) to give of its best to the emerging world, what cannot continue in the future?

From what do we need free ourselves from?

Responses to these questions were recorded in each group. These will be shared in tomorrow’s plenary session.


Fraternity meetings

Before dinner, participants met in their fraternity groups (16 in all) to share what they have been experiencing in the Chapter since they last met.


Community fiesta for those celebrating birthdays in September:

After dinner, the young Brother invitees organized a very enjoyable party to celebrate those participants having birthdays in September. Óscar Martín Vicario (10/09), Luis Felipe González Ruiz (12/09), Fábio Queirós (13/09), Gerard Bachand (14/09), Deivis Fischer (15/09), John Hazelman ( 21/09), Xavier Barceló (24/09), Vincent Kouassi (27/09).

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