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First meeting of the central Commission of Marist Places

02/05/2006: General House - Photo gallery

The central Commission of Marist places met for the first time at the General House from the 12th to the 14th April.
This Commission is formed by brothers appointed by the General Administration and by brothers appointed by the Provincial Council of the Province of L’Hermitage.

The representatives of the General Administration are:

Brother Luis García Sobrado (Vicar General, Co-ordinator)
Brother Antonio Martínez Fernández (Econome General)
Brother Albert André (Province of Europe Centre-Ouest / West Central Europe)
Brother Onorino Rota (Superior of the General House community)
Brother Michael Flanigan (Member of the General Administration)

The representatives of the Province of L’Hermitage are:

Brother Josep Maria Soteras (Vice-Provincial and Co-ordinator)
Brother André Deculty (Vicar Provincial)
Brother Heribert Pujolas (Provincial Econome)
Brother Michel Morel (Superior of the Community of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage)
Brother Jean Pierre Destombes (Community of Notre Dame de l’Hermitage)

The tasks of this Commission are:

* To assure the continuation of the entire Hermitage Project:
- Animation: motivation, communication, community, formation programmes, protocol between the Province and the Institute ...
- Finances: budget, viability study and complementary usage proposals, sponsorship, management of cooking, cleaning and hospitality services (contracts with businesses), aspects of protocol between the Province and the Institute.
- Works: architect, services and infrastructures, technical installations, plans, Champagnat circuit, etc.

* Creation and co-ordination of work teams

* Proposal for the formation of the new house community.

* Decision making relevant to its competence: all the decisions, except those reserved explicitly to the approval of the Councils:
- Work project and its definitive plans,
- Definitive budget,
- Important changes in the project, their plans and budget
- Nomination of members of the community responsible for hospitality and animation.

* If appropriate, delegation to an Executive Committee of tasks relative to the execution of works and the supervision of work.

The architect of the project, Mr Joan Puig-Pey, appointed by the General Council and the Provincial Council, attended the first meeting of this central Commission.

The objectives of this meeting were to become familiar with the mandate of the central Commission, to define the major stages in realising the project and to study the fundamental aspects of the master plan.

The work of this Commission was facilitated partly by the good work that had already been realised by the International Commission of Marist Places” which completed its mandate in June 2006. Several members of this International Commission now belong to the central Commission.

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