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67 student Brothers in Nairobi



Workshop on Marist Patrimony in MIC

10/01/2019: Kenya

The community at the MIC (Marist International Centre), in Nairobi (Kenya), has to date 67 student Brothers, from five administrative units: the district of West Africa and the provinces of Madagascar, Southern Africa, Nigeria and East-Central Africa. 

The professional formation of the Brothers in MIC takes four years. As part of their religious preparation, the Brothers also take part for three years, from May to July, in the programme of Religious Studies in MIUC (Marist International University College). This formative itineraryallows them to obtain at the end, a post-probationary recognition in education and a diploma in religious studies.  

Every year of study consists of two semesters (1st semester: August to December; 2nd semester: January to April). At the moment, there are 23 Brothers studying in the first year, 17 in the second, 18 in third and 9 in the fourth.  

As part of their formation, the Brothers of MIC can also take part in the annual workshops. These courses, carried out in December,following the exams of the first semester, are not part of the plan of studies for careers, however, they are very useful for personal development.  

During the first year of study, the Brothers can attend the workshop on Marist Patrimony (Marist Spiritual Patrimony). The Brothers in the second year can take part in the workshop on the Rights and Protection of the Child. The third year students can join the workshop on business studies, while the fourth year Brothers - who are preparing to leave the house of formation and fully take part in the apostolate -, can join the workshop on Spiritual Leadership and Animation of Retreats. 

Next, we will publish the testimony of a young Brother, Br. Henri Ngeli, the first-year student who has taken part in the workshop on Marist Patrimony.


“To know and love our founder, Father Marcellin Champagant is an integral part of our identity as Marist Brothers. Understanding his geographical, historical, social, spiritual and educational background, makes us understand ourselves better as Marist Brothers. With the view to broaden the knowledge of our founder acquired in the postulancy and novitiate, Brothers in initial formation are given opportunity to attend the one-week workshop on Marist patrimony annually. From December 17th to 21st, 2018, Bro. Spiridion Ndanga who is the coordinator of Marist patrimony in Africa ran the workshop.

During the workshop, Brothers in first year learnt a lot about Fr. Champagnat using the documents of the Institute, more especially the letters of Champagnat. Bro. Spiridion in his sessions showed a great passion for Champagnat and the Institute. He encouraged each one of us to deepen and renew our relationship with our founder. He challenged us to reflect on how Champagnat’s attitudes impart on us as Brothers. He told us not to be as orphans but to have a strong relationship with our father.  By undertaking Champagnat’s work, we present his face to the youth. Therefore, the more we come to know Champagnat, the more we grow in the knowledge that we are part of his dream of transforming the youth for better.

The first year Brothers thank Bro. Spiridion for animating the workshop. As we continue making Jesus Christ known and loved, it is our hope that ours will be the face of Champagnat to the youth whom we are called to serve”.

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