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Meeting of the Committee for the Mission

29/01/2019: General House

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The Committee for the Mission will meet in the General House, from January 28th until February 1st. Present at the meeting will be the members of the Committee, members of the General Council, regional representatives and other invited members.

The objectives of this meeting are to look at the dynamics of the work in different parts of the Institute and to suggest ways of connecting the forms of the strategic plan of the General Administration, the projects of the regions and the plans of the different operating structures related to the Area of the Mission.  

Another purpose of this meeting is to exchange and to contribute ideas about  the strategic plan and the activities of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelism. Also, the meeting will be an occasion to share points of view on legal and administrative topics relating to the Institute and the regions.  

The Committee - appointed by the General Council for a two year period (from 2017 until 2019) - will look to identify the best way to carry on their work and to plan possible activities for the future. 

Among the members present will be the members of the Committee: Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez (Vicar General), Brother Ben Consigli (General Councillor), Brother Libardo Garzón (Econome General), Mr. Frank Malloy (Australia); Brother Ador Santiago (East Asia); Mike Greeff (South Africa); Brother Marciano Guzmán (Mediterránea); Brother Gregorio Linacero (Central America) and Paulo Sirino (Brazil Centro-Sul). 

Besides the members of the committee others taking part will be: BrotherKevin Wanden (Oceania), Brother Ifeanyi Mbaegbu (Africa), Mrs. Angela Sestrini (Europe), Brother Alberto Aparicio (South America), Brother Andreu Sánchez (CME)  Brother Rick Carey (director of the Secretariat of Solidarity and Director of FMSI), Brother Valdicer Fachi (Director of the Department of Collaboration for the International Mission), Mr. Luca Olivari (advisor to the General Council), Brother Mark Omede and Brother Carlos A. Rojas (Directors of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelism).  

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