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1826, Father Champagnat went to convalesce with Father Dervieux, parish priest of Saint Peter’s at Saint-Chamond

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“Set them on fire with your love”



First profession at the Tudella Novitiate

12/04/2019: Sri Lanka

The Provincial and District Leaders from four administrative units have come for the celebration, in Tudella, on April 6, of the Religious First Profession of eleven young men that have heard the call. This is really an International Celebration of Life. It speaks loud about the catholicity of the Church and the inter-culturality of the Marist Congregation.

Brothers from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, East Timor, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam took part in this Celebration. The Principal Celebrant was the apostolic Nuncio from Vietnam, Arch Pierre Nguyen Van Tot. The liturgy began and the sound of the songs take us to another dimension. One encounter in faith…

The entrance song reminded us the presence of God in our lives. “I chose you, you are mine, Do not be afraid, I am with you I will lift you for all your fears… I love you and you are mine.” As a response to this love the people of God answer with another song: “Shepherd me o God beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life…” Those words continue resounding during the mass. The symbols and actions that were done during the Profession clearly represented the Mystery that is the vocation of each one. They sang: “we are pilgrims of hope, of a new dawn… New creation in Christ, bounded to God with our vows”.

A prayer of the congregation fills the sacred space: “Set them on fire with your love” and we repeated in our hearts again “Set them on fire with your love” to live as Jesus did, detached and available, to serve the marginalized young people. The recessional hymn concluded: “I will follow you Lord as Mary did… Stir Lord, with burning love the hearts of your servants to serve the Church and the human family.”

The group of new Brothers was comprised of 3 from the Australian Province (from East Timor), 2 from the South Asia Province, 2 from the District of Melanesia and 4 from the Marist District of Asia (Bangladesh and Vietnam).


Br. Juan Castro


From MDA News – April

Recent days, the International Novitiate community in Sri Lanka had a lot of activities by preparing the 2nd year Novices, place and the chapel, liturgy preparation… etc. Every one of us busy with our allotted responsibilities with joy and brotherhood. Yes! The day arrived… 6th April Saturday, we had a great day in our Novitiate. Eleven young men were able to say “Yes” to God by professing their vows; to God, to the Church and to our Institute. With a lot of preparation, with help of our formators, these 11 young Brothers made their First Vows and totally surrender to God and to our Good mother Mary, the way our Founder and his brothers did.

Our Newly Professed Brothers are; Bro. Luận, Bro.Hoàng Anh and Bro. Bình (From Viet Nam) Bro. Robert (from Bangladesh), Bro. Benjamin, Bro. Jacinto and Bro. Melquiano (from Timor Leste), Bro. Sasmika and Bro. Sheron (from Sri Lanka), Bro. Cyril and Bro. Carlvin (from Papua New Guinea). Together with them, Bro. Dulaj from Sri Lanka also renewed his vows.

There were good number of mixed group of people; Arch Bishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot, Apostolic Nuncio to Sri Lanka was the Main Celebrant of the Eucharistic celebration. Good number of Marist Brothers, our Formators, including our Major Superiors; Bro. Peter Carroll, Provincial of Australia, Bro. Mervyn Perera, Provincial of South Asia, Bro. Jean-Marie Batick, District leader of Melanesia and Bro. Juan Castro, Leader of the Marist District of Asia joined with us. Also, some other local Religious Men & Women and Priests, good number of friends and other laity’s presence increased our joy and helped us to share our brotherhood with all.

The choir was organized by Bro. Rod Thomson and First Year Novices, and with various rituals such as the blessing and wearing of their Soutanes and Cords, professing their vows, followed by the signing of their commitment. The vows of our newly professed Brothers were received by Bro. Peter Carroll, delegate of the Superior General. Eucharistic celebration was very meaningful and a great blessing for all especially those 12 young brothers who made their vows. After the Mass, we had picture taking ceremony as our memories of this day, then moved to the next stage of celebration of our fellowship meal outside in the garden. There was a lot of joy and laughter around the place.

We give thanks to our Good Lord, Mother Mary and Father Champagnat for this beautiful day. As members of the global Marist family, we give praise and glory to our God and pray that our Newly Professed Brothers will always be accompanied by God’s blessing and graces, that they might be a “beacon of hope in this turbulent world”, called to be “the face and hands of God’s tender mercy”

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