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Awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness



Laudado Si'

15/04/2019: General House

The fifth call of the XXII General Chapter asks “awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness that engages us in caring for ‘our common home’”, in response to emerging needs.

During his reflection for Lent, Pope Francis expresses that “when we fail to live as children of God, we often behave in a destructive way towards our neighbours and other creatures. Intemperance then takes the upper hand: we start to live a life that exceeds those limits imposed by our human condition and nature itself”.

What's our answer?


South Asia

Marist Lay members and their families in Sri Lanka had their Annual tour from April 6th to 8th. Brother Michael shared the Pope’s views on ecology and spirituality with the group. The group discuss how they might become a nature loving group.


District Pacific

Kiribati is one of the most remote countries in the world, yet the beaches of South Tarawa are covered in litter due to an overcrowded population and poor waste management. The Marists recently organised a beach clean up to beautify the area and improve knowledge about the impact of waste on the environment.


From 8 to 10 March, "Chad 2019" was held at the Marist camp at Lake Morgan in Rawdon: a meeting to reflect on climate change and the environment. Under the motto "make your voice heard". Participants from Laval University and Marcellin-Champagnat High School met for a weekend to share their concerns about climate change.
The Centro Santa María Maristas Toledo was the school that won the most prizes in the annual competition on the care and responsible use of water, which was held on 21 March at the San Marcos Museum, organised by the Toledo water company, Tagus, in collaboration with the city council. The 5th and 6th grade Primary Ed students received 4 medals and 14 diplomas.

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