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The “Asrama Butitin Project” in Nabawan



Marist Brothers and De la Salle Brothers Together in Ministry

30/05/2019: Malaysia

Last year, the Marist Brothers and the De la Salle Brothers began a joint project in Nabawan, Malaysia, to help disadvantaged children move on to secondary education.

This initiative, the“Asrama Butitin Project”, is a boarding school for poor students who live in neighborhoods located far from the public schools. The goal of the project is to instill in the students the positive attitudes integral to their human development and to equip them to serve as role models to the other young people in the community.Presently 41 girls and 24 boys live at the school under the care of one De la Salle Brother, two Marist Brothers from the East Asia Province and two lay people.Their mission is to encourage the young people’s personal and group formation through the following activities:

  • Learning computer literacy
  • Teaching and strengthening English language skills
  • Community living and sharing household tasks—cleaning, gardening and cooking
  • Times of prayer

The president of the supervising committee is a layman, Johnny T. Kulai who, while continuing his work as a lawyer.


Marist Brothers and De la Salle Brothers working together

Both congregations share the charisma of education and have been collaborating in ministry for some time now in a number of projects. This was evident during the last Marist General Chapter, in Colombia, held in a De la Salle house. For a few days they welcomed the presence of Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General of the De la Salle Brothers.

In addition to the community in Malaysia, it is worth noting the joint ministry of the two congregations in the Fratelli Project in Lebanon, and in the Bonanza community (Mediterranea Province). We can also mention the presence of a De la Salle Brother in the final stage of formation of the LaValla200 group last year, and which presently lives in the De la Salle community of Tabatinga, Brazil.

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