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The Program of Formation for elderly Brothers ends

15/11/2019: General House

The 15 participants of the Program ‘Amanecer’ for the Portuguese-Spanish speaking Brothers ended their two-month period of formation in the General House, on October 31.   This has been the seventh and last group accompanied by Br. Landelino Ortega, from the Norandine Province, who has finished his service. The new Director of the Program will be Br. Antonio Lazaro Gimenez de Bagües Gaudó (Mediterranean Province).  In the meantime, the mandate of Br. Alonso Levis (South-Central Brazil) as Assistant Director has been extended until October 31, 2020. 

Below we publish a text of Br. Alonso on the session celebrated from September 1 to October 31.  In this link, you can read a description of Br. Jesús Orte Isla on the lived experience by the group in the Marist places.


After the experience carried out, one can observe a very positive result.  We can underline the following aspects:

  1. The fraternal living together, peaceful and joyful, tinted by the peculiarities and talents of each        Brother, has manifested and consolidated integration and mutual trust.  A path, which follows the calls of the XXII General Chapter, and the contributions of two speakers, in regard with this age.
  2. The contents given allowed each participant, and all in the community to deepen the reflection, to    meditate and to reconsider and rethink the personal history and the spiritual life: to see more clearly              and understand the footprints of the presence of God, the action of the Spirit, the fidelity in following       Jesus Christ, and in the ups and downs of the response given in the course of one’s own life
    This was a help to transform into wisdom of life the experience reflect3ed upon and discerned.  To deepen the knowledge on spirituality, prayer, the Charism and the Marist history, the relationship between Brothers, Marist Laity and Mary… To profit from the discovery of new horizons of meaning and mission… and focus on the objectives of the course; to open oneself to the light, to the new ‘dawn’; to accept in peace and joyfully the action of God in one’s own history; be ready to respond to the new calls of the Spirit and to the new calls of life and mission of the Institute; to be witness of brotherhood and of hope…   
  3. The moments of community  encounter during the daily  Eucharistic celebration  - presided over by Father Pedto one of the participants of ‘Amanecer’– in the prayers and celebrations, they    revived the flame of hope and the missionary impetus in a new way of being witness and follower of Jesus Christ – conscious that he is the protagonist – of our Marist Charism and Marian.  
  4. The community going out of the house, once a week, provided new knowledge and strengthened our fraternal and pleasant living together, in community recreation.  These were greatly valued and appreciated.
    It is worthwhile to emphasize the special manner of the 10 day visit to l’Hermitage, where it was possible to “submerge” oneself in the sources of our Marist origin; and to be invaded by the sentiments of admiration, gratitude and stimulus before the solid foundations, physical and vital, constructed there, in fidelity to the Spirit; to perceive what takes place at present in life, the commitment and the will to continue ahead, grateful, trustful and committed.    
  5. The will to profit of opportunities, whether through those proposed during the course or the possibility to submerge oneself in the knowledge of past cultures, where Rome was presented as a source or fountain of eternal interest.

To end I can emphasize the following conclusion: “’Amanecer’ was a gift for me!”  I feel very happy to have participated in this course; it has been a grace!” Anyone who has not participated does not know what he has lost!”  A special thanks to the coordination, for the wise, human and discreet manner with which they have directed the Course, and thanks to all for their predisposition, joy, commitment and FRATERNAL WITNESS”. 

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