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January 18-25: Beginning of the Octave of prayer for Christian Unity: That they may become one in your hand (Ezek 37, 17).

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Brother Basilio Rueda, still present among us

19/01/2007: General House

The tenth anniversary of Brother Basilio Rueda’s death came smoothly into the calendar of our hearts. A very simple and sincere memorial celebration was held all along the year recently ended. Basilio’s figure grows as time goes on. Rest and stillness makes the excellent quality of a good wine emerge. Month after month, Br. Aureliano Brambila kept his memory alive through shorts reminding texts, which can be consulted in http//www.geocities.com.ricocepam/.

In this year of memory, Basilio’s name has been framed in a plaque fixed in his family home, located in Acatlán de Juarez. Small signs here and there along the path show us that his fame of sanctity grows bigger step by step.
On January 21 of 1996 Basilio’s life came to an end. He was a man whom “God had patiently prepared, equipped, formed to be the successor of Marcellin Champagnat for 18 years, in those extremely difficult moments after the Council”, to carry out the “mission of a universal loving service” in favour of all his brothers.

When addressing his concluding words in the name of the Brothers, family members and friends, Brambila highlighted his figure: “Historically, he sets in the line of the successors of Marcellin, that is to say François, Louis-Marie, Nestor, Teofano, Stratonique, Diogène, Léonidas, Charles Raphaël, Basilio Rueda, Charles Howard, Benito Arbués, and now Seán Sammon. He is one of these men who are in charge of keeping the Founder’s charism alive in the Chruch and throughout the world. One of these men who care for Brothers coming together in following Christ, gathering around Mary, for the sake of children and young people in their actual life-situations. Basilio was the ninth in that rank of Marcellin’s remarkable disciples”.

While Basilio’s figure grows, today we joyfully celebrate his expanding fame of sanctity. Soon we will receive good news from the process of studying his writings which is being carried out by the experts who must guarantee their authenticity. In the meantime we allow ourselves to be accompanied by this brother of ours whose ideal was “¡To burn my life for Jesus! and… ¡to strew the road of life with friends!

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