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First Meeting of Community Superiors – 2007

09/03/2007: Argentina

On the 23rd and 24th February, the first meeting of Community Superiors took place in the Pro-vincial House in Buenos Aires. It was a time for sharing experiences, evaluating the progress of community life and the demands of personal formation and also of the mission as indicated in our Constitutions. The Superiors were urged to be animators for the community sharing with the brothers.

Brother Demetrio Espinosa received the brothers and encouraged them to pursue their Provin-cial task of animation. The Provincial Plan of the current year was presented in the framework of the proposition of the congregation: “One Heart One Mission”. This was also the occasion for Provincial animators of different sectors to present their projects for the current year; vocation ministry, management of works, solidarity in youth ministry, educational ministry… This Provincial programme was presented in a small brochure addressed to the brothers, the fraternities of the Province and to laypeople who are associated with the mission.

During the day of Saturday 24th February, we were able to have Graciela Senosiain as anima-tor. In this way, we could count on the accompaniment of a professional having a great deal of experience in the area of the psychology of religious life; providing accompany and therapy for numerous priests and religious, she is a Councillor of the Argentinean Conference of Reli-gious. With her enlightenment, we could work on the closeness of community life with human relationships, the concern of principal manifestations of psychological disorders in religious life and the importance of the task of the superior to know the symptoms and the way to care for them through adequate therapy. In the problematics of vocations she presented a panorama of the current situation and the conditions of religious choice of a lot of candidates marked by sociocultural effects and the situation of the isolation of globalised man.

The dialogue on the selective situations was an occasion to be enlightened and directed thanks to the knowledge and experience of Graciela in this subject. We also carried out a work in groups of superiors bordering on an assembly.

We cannot ignore that the religious life and its community expression are still an occasion of growth insofar as we encourage dialogue and the mutual acceptance of its members beyond differences that often mark the personal history of each one of its members.

We cannot say that this short experience of two days was sufficient for resolving one of the most profound and richest mysteries of consecrated life and to which our Founder gave so much importance: Living in fraternity, and that was recently the subject of the Circular of Brother Seán in “Marvellous companions”. There is no doubt that it is an art to live together and a rich and valuable recommendation for the youth of today.

With the presence of nearly all the Superiors of the thirty-two communities of the Province we were able to share this time of formation and of fraternity, beneficial for all the brothers of Cruz del Sur. We insisted on being able to continue to count on a professional for subsequent meet-ings which will be the continuity of what we have started today.

Brother Eduardo Gatti

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