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To make Mary, our Good Mother and our Ordinary Resource, known and loved



Marial Exposition of Beauport

17/03/2007: Canada

If one judges by the reflections and testimonies of the Sister Servants of the Sacred Heart of Mary, of their employees, of their affiliated members, of their students and of the Sister Adorers of Beauport, this exposition has known a frank success. Such an activity had to please Mary who saw more than five hundred and fifty people come towards her in a sort of pilgrimage.

Contrary to the time of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, one speaks so little of Mary these days! As soon as you speak of her providential role in the history of salvation, of her worship in various cultures, of her apparitions and of her messages, attention is greatly aroused and the lecturer finds no difficulty in maintaining the attention and the interest that her exposés arouse in the listeners.

Thanks to the collaboration of numerous confrères of the Institute, I possess a magnificent collection of post cards on Mary. I arranged them by well identified countries. They are exposed to the view of visitors besides statuettes, medals and a hundred other documents that attract attention by their value and all that they recall about Our Lady.

As usual, a Visitors’ Book was able to collect the testimonies of the pilgrims. Here are some of them.

- Well done on this initiative that makes Mary known. Good luck to this exposition. Louise Payeur, sscm, Superior General.
- May this exposition make our hearts of love burn more for Mary! Sister Julienne Turmel, op
- Thank you for the Marial wind which, thanks to you, has blown on our corner of the country. Irène Laflamme, sscm
- This is a grandiose exposition! Sébastien Tondreau
- This exposition should come to our parishes. Thérèse Morin, sscm
- A beautiful initiative on the part of Brother P.-A. Lavoie with this itinerant exposition. Many thanks for the grace of its passage amongst us. Jeannine Lacroix, sscm

Here are now some testimonies received from young students by Sister Francine Morin, sscm.
- Are you happy with all that you have learnt today? Yes! I learnt about Our Lady of the whole world!
- Are you going to pray to Mary? Yes, I think so, every day of my life. A young girl of fourth grade
- A child responded to the question: Who is in heaven? The dead…
- A young person before the rosary made of peach seeds: My God! They were made to eat a lot of them!
- The reflection of a young person: Brother! There has been a lot of work in this large room. That must have taken you a lot of time to prepare all these beautiful images!
- I know the name of the three bells of Notre Dame de Paris: The first, the Small Mary; the second, the Average Mary; the largest, the Great Mary.

To conclude…

Let us pray that these expositions bear fruit. These numerous testimonies encourage us to continue to make Mary, our Good Mother and our Ordinary Resource, known and loved.

Brother Paul-André Lavoie.

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