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Brother Pedro María Huidobro has died

26/04/2007: Chad

Paschal joy also brings us sad news; perhaps this is why we learn to accept this in the mystery of the death and resurrection of Christ. The Brother Provincial of the Province of Ibérica, the District Superior of West Africa and the communities of Chad have shared with us their sorrow at the death of Brother Pedro María Huidobro Díez who died on the 10th April 2007 after having joyfully celebrated Easter. The funeral was celebrated in the cathedral of Sarh (Chad), presided by the bishop surrounded by the brothers of the community and accompanied by a large congregation.

Brother Pedro had started to feel weak on Holy Thursday, as in all the preceding years at this time of a rise in temperature. On Easter Monday, the fever remained quite high. The doctor who was looking after him changed the prescription and remained close to Brother to follow his progress. At nightfall, he entered a coma and no longer responded to any stimuli; he died at three o’clock in the morning. The doctors think that he suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage complicated by a strong drop in blood pressure and an increase in the level of glucose in his blood. On hearing the news of Brother Pedro’s departure from this life, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the gift of his fruitful life in the service of the Institute and of the Church.

Brother Pedro was born at Covanera (Burgos) on the 1st April 1939. He entered the juniorate of Miraflores (Burgos) on the 1st March 1951, coming from the Marist College Liceo Castilla de Burgos where he had been a student. From there, he went to Antzuola (Guipúzcoa) where he followed the initial Marist formation of the postulancy and of the novitiate. It was there that, once he had finished the novitiate, he pronounced his first vows on the 2nd July 1955. He committed himself definitively to the Institute through his perpetual profession on the 15th August 1960.

His Marist service to the Church and to the Institute took place at Durango (two years), Saragossa (four years) and once more at Durango (eight years). Later, he resided at Laredo where he fulfilled the duties of Vice-Provincial and Provincial Econome for eight years and then he was Provincial for five years. He was elected member of the General Council during the XVIII General Chapter of 1985, a function that he fulfilled for eight years. At the end of his renewal year, he was sent to Zalla where he stayed for six years. Following another renewal year, he left for Chad as a missionary where he devoted himself to catechesis and the cultural promotion of the people. Since 2002, he worked with the Church as a diocesan Econome.

Pedro was characterised by his energy, his intelligence and his devotion. He had a great love of the Institute and could retire from posts of government with simplicity and a good heart. Gifted with a reflective and serious character, he loved to prolong interviews in the aim of unearthing ideas and going to the depth of things.

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