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Meeting of Brother Seán with the young brothers of the Province



Visit of the Brother Superior General to the Province of Norandina

27/04/2007: Colombia - Photo gallery

Brother Seán Sammon visited the Province of Norandina between the 31st March and the 18th April. During this period, he had a meeting with young brothers on the 2nd April in the house of the scholasticate. Including young brothers and formators there were twenty-two brothers present at this meeting.

The meeting was a deepening of reflection and dialogue; and a very close fraternal sharing from our Superior General, a great brother in Marist life.

Starting with our identity as Marists and with the satisfactions and challenges of our life as young brothers, placed in today’s challenges in the Church, following Vatican II and our world, Brother Seán proposed some key points such as the one of learning together; of relating the experience of the here and now to the larger life of the Institute; of evaluating the present moment as a gift and of looking towards the future.

We reflected how the Spirit continues to inspire life in us – as he did with Marcellin; the charism, dwelling place of the Spirit, continues to be developed through the pathway of our life in which we live times of change and of growth that are always challenges for us. The dynamism of this life will be according to our capacity to live it by creating a dream. We must all dream a dream intimately related to the call, the vocation and the final commitments of life; and continue to learn about mature intimate relationships, (understood as a growth that reveals us to ourselves and thus allows us to discover ourselves cautiously and prudently), as well as allowing ourselves to be accompanied. The ideal is that my dream becomes a reflection of “God’s dream for me.”

Our identity, (who am I?), is closely related to being able to live relationships of intimacy: Security of who I am and that I can maintain an intimacy-friendship with others.

In our life we take on a commitment. Every choice involves a life promise. We are invited to live these commitments from a sentiment of liberty and with a firm resolution before the future. The best way of being free is to take on the commitment, not to retreat into your self-giving. It is a search that must last all of life, an experience of conversion. And that is why perseverance is not always the best evaluation of faithfulness.

In the growth of the maturity of the commitment, the apostolate and the questioning of what motivates me play an important role: love for Jesus and the Good News or indeed the gratifications that I receive. That invites us to put down solid bases by making a pathway of spirituality that recreates in us the reasons for the life of a brother, in contact with Jesus.
Brother Seán insistently repeated to us: “Our mission consists in announcing Jesus Christ to children and young people, particularly those who are the poorest.”
“Young brothers, thank you for being brothers and remember that you are not the future, but the present.”

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