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VIII General Conference

21/05/2007: General House

The General House has already prepared the different places that will be used during the Conference, at the service of the fifty people expected to attend, coming from twenty-seven Provinces and five Districts of the Marist world.
Here are the names of the participants, given by continents:

General Council (8)
Sammon, Seán - Superior General; Garcia Sobrado, Luís - Vicar General; Berquet, Maurice – Councillor; Herreros, Pedro – Councillor; Kalisa, Théoneste – Councillor; Ramalho, Antonio – Councillor; Rodney, Peter – Councillor; Turú, Emili - Councillor.

Africa / Madagascar (5)
Kabanguka, Eugène - Provincial, (East Central Africa); Mbam, Christian - Provincial (Nigeria); Ndawala, Lawrence - Provincial (Southern Africa); Ramandimbiarisoa, Sylvain - Provincial (Madagascar); Yao, Sylvain – District Superior (West Africa).

America (13)
Albalá, Laurentino - Provincial (Norandina); Cermeño, Adolphe - Provincial, (América Central); Cloutier, Réal - Provincial (Canada); Espinosa, Demetrio - Provincial, (Cruz del Sur); Falchetto, Claudino - Provincial, (Brasil Centro-Norte); Gutemberg, João – District Superior (Amazônia); Hochscheidt, Lauro - Provincial, (Rio Grande do Sul); Klein, John - Provincial, (United States of America); Marcos, Pedro - Provincial, (Santa María de los Andes); Médina, Angel – District Superior (Paraguay); Mejía Pérez, Fernando - Provincial (México Central); Preciado Ramirez, Victor - Provincial (México Occidental); Sevegnani, Tercilio - Provincial (Brasil Centro-Sul).

Asia (5)
Alwis, Sunanda - Provincial elect, (South Asia); De Leon, Manny - Provincial (Philippines); de Waas, Michael - Provincial, (Sri Lanka–Pakistan); Kim, John Vianney – District Superior (Korea); Teoh, Robert - Provincial (China).

Europe (5)
strong>Barceló, Xavier - Provincial (L’Hermitage); Holguín, Samuel - Provincial (Ibérica); Jorques Bru, Manuel - Provincial (Mediterránea); Mendoza, Primitivo - Provincial (Compostela); McKee, Joseph - Provincial, (West Central Europe).

Oceania (6)
Casey, Julian – Provincial elect (Melbourne); Crowe, Jeffrey - Provincial elect (Sydney); Gilchrist, Paul - Provincial (Melbourne); McDonald, Ken – District Superior (Melanesia); Tapp, Carl - Provincial (New Zealand); Thompson John - Provincial (Sydney).

Translators (9)
The service team of the members of the General Conference in simultaneous translation has been constituted by the following people:
Allen, John - (USA) ; Galiana, Fabricio – General Administration, Minga, Teófilo – General Administration; Mudubai, Arcanjo Domingo – Southern Africa; Nvonvo, Juan – District of West Africa; Razafimahatratra, Raymond - Madagascar; Scanavino, Gabriela – General Administration; Silva, Manuel - Compostela; Yatha, Edouard – East Central Africa.

On the webpage, among other information on the Conference, you will be able to access a section in which will appear, in Word format, the texts that will be used for prayer each day by the brothers participating in the Conference.

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