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The future of restructuring in the Provinces



VIII General Conference

25/05/2007: General House - Photo gallery

The morning of the 25th May 2007 was dedicated to analysing the implications of the whole week’s work for the Provinces or the specific regions.
The Provincials of the region of Africa and Madagascar, with Brother Théoneste Kalisa, verified that after restructuring there still remains a fair bit to be done to generate new structures of animation. One of the most common ideas discussed by the Provincials of Africa was the spirituality of restructuring, shared by Brother Seán Sammon in his reflection of yesterday before the assembly. Restructuring is not only a geographical phenomenon, a change of borders and of structures, but a change of spirit and of heart, as that of Abraham when the Lord says to him: “Leave your house, your family, your land and go to the country that I will show you.”

The General Conference has given the Superiors of the region of Asia an opportunity to plan together the next stages linked to restructuring. Each of the two new Provinces that are going to be created in Asia already has its respective Provincial appointed and the date of its first Provincial Chapter established. The leaders of these new Provinces, co-ordinated by Brother Peter Rodney, have planned the time that remains until their Provincial Chapters. There has also been a serious reflection on the situation of each Province.

The brothers of the region of the Pacific are analysing restructuring in union with Brother Maurice Berquet. There has been a consultation of all the brothers of the region; and in the light of these results of this consultation the future pathways to be followed are being defined.

Brother Emili Turú met with the five Provincials of Europe. Restructuring in the Provinces of this region has already been carried out at the structural level and is being consolidated in accord with the directives fixed at the start of the process. In the future, it will be necessary to deepen the fundamental aspects of our life and of our mission which motivated the restructuring.

Antonio Ramalho met with the Provincials of Arco Norte. This region that includes the previous Arco Norte, formed by Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America and Mexico, has extended its limits to the United States of America and to Canada. The Provinces of this region are experiencing a distinct process of restructuring. With all of them, positive signs of vitality are evident without hiding the difficulties that also exist. There is a clearer sense of belonging beyond the geographical borders. The vision of the Province and of the region is now larger than before. And in some Provinces there is a new surge in vocations.

Brother Pedro Herreros met with the Provincials and District Superiors of Cono Sur and of Brazil. In Cono Sur, restructuring has occurred since 2002-03 and is following a good pathway. The new structures are satisfactory and foster the vitality of the mission. The two Districts of this region are going to conserve the structure of animation and of government with which they have functioned during these least few years. It is a region where frameworks of government and of animation have been created, such as UMBRASIL, which joins the three Provinces and one District of Brazil into a unique juridical entity before the State: the Provincial Management Board in Cruz del Sur through which the works and the communities are energised, and the three Vicar Provincials of Santa María de los Andes for each of the Sectors of the Province.

The Provincials of this region of the Institute, as those of the region of Africa and Madagascar, also referred to the theological and spiritual dimension that must accompany the process of restructuring and they are committed to accentuating this aspect through retreats and other means.

The afternoon was reserved for group meetings with different themes.

In summarising this past week, it is necessary to highlight the presence of four young brothers who have started as simultaneous translators in this Conference. With some veterans, such as Brothers John Allen, Fabricio Galiana or Teófilo Minga, the following brothers are involved in the work of translation:
Brother Juan Nvo Nvo, from the District of West Africa, who is translating from English to Spanish;
Brother Edouard Yatha, from the Province of East Central Africa, who is translating from English to French;
Brother Arcanjos Domingo Mudubai, from the Province of Southern Africa, who is translating from Portuguese to English;
and Brother Raymond Razafimahatratra, from the Province of Madagascar, who is translating from French to English.
This team of translators is completed with Gabriela Scanavino, a staff member from the Statistic’s Service of the General Administration, and with Brother Manuel Silva from Compostela.

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