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The Marist family of América Central is experiencing profound sorrow



A bullet has taken the life of Brother Enrique Alberto Olano, originally from El Salvador, 29 years of age

14/06/2007: Guatemala

The death of Brother Enrique Alberto Olano from El Salvador, aged twenty-nine, has caused profound consternation among the brothers of the Province of América Central, among the members of his family and his friends. The news has quickly spread to other Provinces and even to other countries through the use of the media. Following this we have added the note that was sent by Brother Adolfo Cermeño, Provincial of América Central.

Dear Marist family,
I want to share with you the profound sorrow that all the Marists of América Central are feeling. On the 9th June we joyfully celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Marists’ arrival on Guatemalan land. A procession was organised from one of our colleges in the capital to the metropolitan cathedral. His Eminence, Cardinal Mos. Rodolfo Quezada Toruño, a former student, celebrated the thanksgiving Eucharist accompanied by several priests. The cathedral was full. After the Eucharistic celebration the brothers shared a family meal, attended by more than fifty brothers. After that, a group of five young brothers left to have some coffee in a neighbouring place noted for its tranquillity and pleasantness; this place is very close to the school, Liceo Guatemala. On their return they were attacked by two young people with guns. They gave them all they had without any resistance. Before they had finished giving them everything they had, two individuals got out of a truck that was behind them and cried out: “Get down, get down on the ground.” And immediately there was an exchange of bullets between the assailants and those who had got out of the truck. One of our brothers, Albert, had not had the time to get down to the ground and was killed by a bullet that struck him in the head. Near the five brothers there was one of Albert’s blood brothers who had been brushed by a bullet.

Albert was twenty-nine years of age. He had made his first profession in October 2002. He was working in the school, Liceo Guatemala. He was a happy brother, he loved to sing, to play the guitar, to dance. He had an excellent rapport with children and young people, he was loved and listened to.
We have felt very supported by the entire Marist family, by the religious of Guatemala and of El Salvador, by many people who love us. We kept watch over his body at the school, Liceo Guatemala and, as he was from El Salvador, we have taken him there to be buried in the vault of the brothers of El Salvador. I must admit that I feel profound sorrow; it is not easy for us to understand and get over this trial; there is always the question: Why? I pray to God that time will help us to respond to it. I feel neither hatred nor spite, I feel a profound sadness. I would like no one to have to go through this experience. I am grateful for the prayers for both his blood family and for the Marist family of América Central. May the Lord of our history grant us to live in peace and in harmony!

Brother Adolfo Cermeño

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