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Here is the date: 28th October 2007

03/07/2007: General House

John Paul II, on the 24th June 2004, signed the decree by which he recognised that Brother Bernardo was a martyr. Since then we have been able to proceed to the beatification. But the cause of Brother Bernardo was united to twenty-seven other causes, among which are found those of Brothers Laurentino, Virgilio and forty-four martyred Marist Brothers.

The death of the Pope slowed the process of all the impending causes of saints, such that on the 18th December 2006, Benedict XVI signed the decree on the martyrdom of Brother Laurentino and his other martyred companions. All that was left at this time was to indicate the place of the celebration of the beatification. On the 1st June 2007, the Spanish Episcopal Conference communicated that the ceremony was planned for Sunday, 28th October 2007 at Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls.

The Marist General Council, some time before, had already taken the initiative to organise the event; for that it constituted a small group which, under the direction of Brother Emili Turú and in close connection with the Spanish Marist Provinces, made some plans.
In these meetings, it was decided to produce an official logo, to publish a guide-text to help people to understand the events that happened in Spain at the time of the death of these brothers from the point of view of ecclesiastical history, and which could be used for guidelines in the production of animation resources and activities organised in schools, colleges and parishes; the development of ways of animating school students according to their age; the creation of an informative triptych, the production of a FMS Message as a preparation for the beatification and another in commemoration of the event, as well as other materials for distribution or for the celebration.

Once the date of the beatification was known, another group met in Rome to propose orientations concerning the way of adapting the General House for welcoming those who come to Rome and want to visit it.

We cannot yet detail the programme that will be developed in Rome, but at present we can announce that in the General House it has been planned to welcome the groups who request a visit and to accompany them on a tour that will last for one hour; the organisation of a prayer meeting in the Divino Amore sanctuary on the 27th October at eleven o’clock in the morning, with the invitation to share a fraternal meal in the surrounding area. On Saturday afternoon, it will be possible to attend a musical show in the Paul VI Audience Hall, organised by the ecclesiastic institutions that will celebrate the beatifications the following day. On Sunday morning, the beatification will take place around ten o’clock in the morning. And on Monday morning, a Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Due to the numerous groups (congregations, dioceses, Episcopal Conference, etc.,) involved in the celebration, the development of a definitive programme has not been concretised in all its details.
Later, our website will open a special space dedicated to the beatifications where you will find the official news linked to our martyrs.

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