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Organ of reflection, dialogue and decision in Europe

17/07/2007: Spain

The Marist European Conference (MEC) has just been inaugurated: its first meeting took place at Guardamar on the 4th July 2007. It was not directly requested by anybody in particular but we think that it responds to a great desire of the General Council to organise Marist life according to the regionalisation of the Institute. The MEC should respond to this desire for regionalisation in the European setting. Surely the MEC must be seen as the European structure that follows the ECP (European Conference of Provincials). But it has changed regarding its structures of composition and its Statutes in which all activities will be concretised.

The following composition has been decided for the structure of the MEC: eleven people including the five Brothers Provincial of the five European Provinces, by right. One of them will be the President, voted for by the members of the MEC. A second member per Province, chosen by each Provincial Council, must be a Provincial Councillor and belong to a different country to the country of the Brother Provincial. The secretary of the MEC will be chosen by the other members at the suggestion of the President of the MEC. He will have the right of voice but not of vote. Thus the first MEC is constituted by the following brothers, appointed by the Provinces: Province of West Central Europe: Joseph McKee (Provincial) and Robert Thunus. Joseph McKee will be the first President of the MEC. Province of Compostela: Mendoza Primitivo González (Provincial) and António Leal das Neves. Province of Ibérica: Samuel Holguín Diez (Provincial) and Moisés Alonso Pérez. Province of L’Hermitage: Xavier Barceló Maset (Provincial) and André Déculty. Province of Mediterránea: Manuel Jorques Bru (Provincial) and Paolo Penna. Secretary of the MEC: Santiago Fernández García (Province of Compostela)

The MEC should be the usual organ of reflection, dialogue and decision for the activities to be pursued in the region of the Marist world that we call Europe and in the framework of their competence.

The following immediate objectives of the MEC have been fixed: the follow-up of the meetings of Guardamar and Mendes on Marist mission and the subsequent carrying out of a study that will allow us to adapt the conclusions of these meetings to the global propositions presented, voted and approved during the meeting at Soesterberg (The Netherlands), to which we want to respond as being the manifestation of the concerns and challenges that the five European Council have indicated in this Assembly. For that we will determine, in each case, the necessary means and teams.

The MEC has not yet established its Statutes in which will figure the legislation about its meetings; logically, however, it will be a structure with a great deal of work to accomplish in the future and for that it will need meetings. For the instant, the place and the date of the next meeting has been fixed: this will be at Guardamar on the 9th and 10th December 2007.

Brother Santiago Fernandez,
Secretary of the MEC

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