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Information from the General Council to the members of the General Administration

24/07/2007: General House - Photo gallery

The General Council, having finished its summer plenary sessions, held a meeting during the morning of the 13th July 2007 with the brothers and laypeople who work in the General Administration. Brother Pedro Herreros, who co-ordinated the meeting, declared that these meetings take pace to “increase our sense of belonging to a common project”.

The information that the Brother Superior General and his Councillors shared focussed on the coming beatifications of forty-seven Spanish Marist Brothers who died during the religious persecution in Spain, on the activities of the Patrimony Commission, the new structures that BIS will adopt in the future, the European Mission Assembly and other pieces of news.

Concerning the beatifications, Brother Emili Turú explained the initiatives that have been undertaken to prepare and celebrate this event: information will be able to be found on the website where there will be a section consecrated especially to the martyred brothers.

The General Council, conscious of the need to promote investigation of the patrimony of the Institute among the English speaking brothers, has organised a course that will last for six months and be directed by Brother Aureliano Brambila. The participants will be accommodated in the General House in the former International College.

The General Council has approved the transformation of BIS which, up to the present, has functioned as a bureau at the service of the General Council; it will become a civil foundation according to Italian law, called “FMS International” (Marist Foundation for International Solidarity), in the aim of endowing it with a juridical personality that will allow it to negotiate resources, participate in international solidarity campaigns and to access aid from public institutions and represent the Institute before the United Nations at Geneva.

Luiz Da Rosa and Angela Petenzi, two laypeople who work in the General Administration, after having participated in the European Mission Assembly held at Guardamar from the 4th until the 8th July 2007, shared some information about the topics treated during this meeting and their overall experience of it.

News in short

During this meeting, it was noted that the General Council is going to nominate in a short while the Preparatory Commission of the XXI General Chapter. This Commission will consist of nine brothers, three from the General Council and six from the Marist world whose names will be published at the appropriate time.

It has also been decided that the animation community that will reside at the Hermitage once the refurbishments have been completed will include twelve members, eight brothers and four laypeople.
The financing of the refurbishment of the Hermitage will be covered in the following way: 2/3 paid by the Province of L’Hermitage and 1/3 by the General Administration and the Provinces.

There are to be some changes in the community of the General House. Brother Joseph Demeyer has finished his period of service to the General Administration and Brother Ismar Portilla has finished his studies; both have returned to their respective Provinces. Father Ignacio Vargas, who was the chaplain of the community of the General Council, has been replaced by Father Jesús Manuel. Joining the community will be Brothers Agustín Acevedo Sánchez, from México Occidental as a student, Ticiano Cagigal, from Norandina and Jorge Carrasco, from México Central for personal renewal in Rome. Brother George Fontana will also join the community to collaborate in different services.

From the 19th August until the 14th October, a course for French speaking brothers of the third age will be held in the General House. It will be led by Brothers Gaston Robert and Maurice Goutagny, helped by their chaplain Father Monphan.

The Bureau of the Evangelical Use of Goods is working on the accompaniment of different Provinces of the Institute for the drawing up of community budgets and the development of a strategic plan of financing for the Provinces of Africa in collaboration with the Econome General and BIS. As well, the General Council has approved that the Bureau of the Laity be increased by four permanent collaborators, residing in their respective countries and meeting once a year for a week in Rome. The Bureau of the Laity is going to organise a course in Africa in 2008 for brothers and lay animators of Marist spirituality.

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