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A participation that comes from a distance

05/09/2007: Brazil

A significant aspect of this Assembly is the honoring of the vocation of the layperson and the brother. Just by participating, and participating in an intense and broad way in what is being done, indicates to us that we live in a Church that has advanced greatly along this road. I read in the first volume of “The History of the Second Vatican Council,” by Giuseppe Alberigo (p. 188) that in the preparation for the Council only one layperson participated on the commission for studies and seminaries; in spite of the efforts of the president and secretary of the commission not one layperson was named, not even to participate on the commission on the apostolate of the laity. More than forty years have passed. Surely many of the participants in the Assembly arrived in this world and began to take notice of what was occurring around them in the years that followed these events. The Church in which we live today, in a large part, is the one that evolved from the meeting of the Council Fathers during Vatican II.

In numerous writings that have been published before this Assembly, some of them on this website, there are dozens of “life stories” of lay people who have shared their personal Marist journey. Add to that dozens of “life experiences” of brothers who share together with the laity the extent and depth of their Marist life. In many of these “life stories” that have been told one can observe the ecclesial road they have traveled joined to the Marist charism shared with many brothers. We live a beautiful reality of Church. The Assembly is a great celebration of this quiet happening lived for so many years.

Introducing the Marist Mission inside the heart has been a great success because it’s there where faithfulness to the charism is forged. While sharing together in the Assembly, brothers and laity, the transcendence of the vocation of the brother and of the layperson to the service of the Marist charism is once again manifested.


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