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Network of mixed Marist communities

02/11/2007: General House

Directly from the heart of the Mission Assembly to the heart of the mixed Marist communities... “This is how the letter sent to all the mixed Marist communities of the Institute begins. The object of this missive is to unite and to put all of these communities INTO THE NETWORK.

By mixed Marist communities we mean those living a common Marist vocation enriched by different states of life: brothers, lay people, single and married, priests, etc. Mixed intercongregational communities also exist, where diverse foundational charisms are shared: Marist, Carmelite, etc.

The initiative for this NETWORK came from an opportunity given at the international Assembly of the Marist mission which took place in Mendes (Brazil), last September. There were four members from mixed communities, as well as a very helpful Brother who translated for us, and the director of the Bureau of the Laity: Brother Jorge Carbajal of the community Miravalles of Mexico D. F. (Marist Province of Central Mexico), Brother Douglas Dawick of The Grove community (Marist Province of New Zealand), Brother Mateo González of the community of Alcantarilla in Murcia-Spain (Marist Province of Mediterránea), and the layman, José Antonio Rosa of the community of Badajoz-Spain (Marist Province of Mediterránea). Also with us were Brother Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, (Province of Central America) and Brother Pau Fornells (Bureau of the Laity).

In the letter which was prepared in Brazil, two main ideas were highlighted:
1. The need we felt to maintain contact with all of the mixed communities in the world and the need to know if others had similar experiences.
2. The desire to know ourselves better through exchanges of simple documents, where each community can put the most important points concerning its experience: history, components, objectives, dynamics, activities, resources, etc.

Besides this, we shared the need for a space on the existing web old.champagnat.org, where we would be able to place a review of each community, the possibility of using it for documents to express their development and the reflections they continue to carry out, community projects, etc. and also the possibility of creating a forum, through which communities can communicate among themselves and with other people who are interested in their progress.

This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Bureau of the Laity and the Publications department of the general Administration. If you want more information about this new Marist situation, you can enter here

Let us take advantage of this space on the web to continue growing in our pursuit of Jesus of Nazareth, through being Marist. May Marcellin accompany us in this new Network of life and may we continue to drink the Water from the Rock.

José Antonio Rosa (Badajoz-Spain)

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