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First meeting of Brothers and lay people in Catalonia

18/12/2007: Spain

Last Sunday, 25th of November, we held the first meeting of Brothers and lay people in Catalonia, convened by the latter. Almost a hundred Marists took part, coming from almost every place in which there is a Marist presence in Catalonia. Young children were welcomed and magnificently looked after by Carla and Andrea who gave a great service, with a great heart.

The day passed with great naturalness and with a deep sense of family. At the beginning of the day, each participant was issued with a portfolio containing the material needed to follow the different areas of the meeting. At the start, Pep Buetas directed some words of welcome and spoke about the situation: Why this type of meeting? Where are we coming from and where are we going? We lay people realise that the Marist charism has also poured into our hearts.

Following on from this, Brother Miquel Cubeles, as representative of L’Hermitage Province in Mendes, shared with us the spirit of the International Assembly, the fruit of the whole process experienced in each one of its phases. He also gave us his personal testimony and showed his deep gratitude for having been able to take part in the experience of Mendes. With his passion and habitual good humour he knew how to touch our hearts.

Subsequently, after the opportune directions given by Joan Oñate, we divided ourselves freely into workshops. There were four. One, more informative, How to be a lay Marist? “ This demonstrated the reality of Catalonia and the global nature of the Institute with regard to the laity. The other three shared the fact of being Marist with regard to different aspects: day to day living, fraternity and new challenges. The workshops were a rich place for dialogue and listening. A true experience of growth and of hope.

After a well-earned rest, we gathered round the table to celebrate the Eucharist, with Father Bru. It was a very intense moment and full of emotion, especially when, at the moment of communion, we listen the Spiritual Testament of Marcellin. His words resonated strongly in everyone’s heart.

It was a really splendid day which allowed us to eat outside, enjoying the sun and
the good company. In the afternoon, the fraternity continued with hymns and with the expression of feelings and of concerns. We concluded the meeting by expressing the wish to be able to take part in other meetings and, also, to share the reality of other lay people in the rest of the Province.

The experience of this day has shown us a road filled with future and, more especially, a road on which many Brothers and lay people wish to travel. We felt ourselves to be travelling together on the same road, wishing to advance and to make the dream of Champagnat possible.

On this day the web page of the lay Marists of Catalonia, www.maristes.org/laics/ was also officially presented. In it can be found all the information and news concerning our laity and links which are of interest.

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