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Three young Haitian novices make first profession

24/12/2007: Haiti - Photo gallery

On December 8 at Iberville and December 9 at Château- Richer, we held days of recollection to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception. During the same period, three young Haitians made their first profession as Marist Brothers in the parish church of Dame-Marie in the homeland. One week before, the three novices had returned to Haiti from the novitiate in Medellín, Colombia.

Brother Réal Cloutier presided at the profession and received the vows of our new confreres. We look forward to hearing more details about the occasion when Brother Réal gets back from his visit to the Haiti Sector. I cannot, however, resist the pleasure of sharing with you some photographs sent by Brother Frisnel Walter. He is responsible for the postulants -and formation generally- in Haiti.

By way of completing the picture, I can inform you how things presently stand in FMS Cuba. The Sector in comprised of one perpetually professed, Brother Frisnel Walter. There are two temporary professed presently in Guadalajara, Mexico, who will renew vows on December 24: Brother Frantzley Exama and Brother Jourdin Méronville. In addition, there are the three newly professed referred to above, plus one second-year novice, and five first-year novices. All novices are at the novitiate in Morelia, Mexico.

Let us thank be thankful for these “marvelous companions” whom the Lord and the Blessed Virgin have given to us and whom we will support in our prayer.

Gilles Hogue, fms

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