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Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity - 2

27/11/2004: Italy

Consecrated Life, as with sociocultural, political, economic and religious realities, is experiencing a period of profound transformation from which must blossom a new style of being and doing. The current reality demands new answers from Consecrated Life, which are embodied in concrete contexts and give creative and meaningful answers.
It is not easy to respond adequately to the challenges of today’s world, nevertheless it seems that the only practical way is to create and propose a meaningful Consecrated Life that offers contrasting alternatives that are the fruit of clear and profound discernment.
Some negative responses in the past have brought on tiredness and have not led to revitalising experiences. This has led us up a dead-end street. This “sin” has limited our future prospectives and has not allowed us to generate life.
At this time, the Congress would like to highlight that which is essential for Consecrated Life: the search for Jesus and the compassionate encounter with the people of today. These two pillars will be built with the strength of the Gospel and the charism of our founders. This will help Consecrated Life to be aware of new emerging calls to which it needs to respond, and to leave behind nostalgia for the past from which no adequate responses can come. If Consecrated Life continues to do the same things in the same way that it has done up till now, it will achieve the same results as today. New wine must be put into new wineskins.
After all, to revitalise religious life means to keep alive hope and the passion for living each day and thus, in this way, serving the Church and the world. Throughout this journey, fidelity, clarity and audacity are necessary. The Lord’s grace will not be lacking. He is the craftsman of every personal and community conversion. He will lead Consecrated Life to transform its structures and ambience.

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