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New Group in Davao

12/02/2008: Philippines - Photo gallery

Last month, the fourth group of Brothers began the discernment program in Davao to discern the call to Mission Ad Gentes. Bro. Luis Garcia Sobrado, Vicar General, went to Davao to officially welcome and encourage these Brothers. He told them, “You are leaving everything that was familiar to you and have dared to move into deep unknown waters. Like in the case of Saints Peter and Andrew, you probably heard remarks from people close to you that wonder if you would be out of your mind to move into the deep waters of being a missionary in Asia today”

So far, 34 Brothers have discerned a call to Mission Ad Gentes, mostly to Asian countries, which is the thrust of the program, but some also have gone to other countries where the presence of the Brothers is needed. These 34 Brothers have been sent to 8 countries, 6 of them in Asia.

After thanking the Brothers in this 4th group in Davao, Bro. Luis remarked that “the project depends to a very great extent on the ability and generosity of Brothers like yourselves who are able to say yes to God and to say yes to the poor youth and children of Asia and yes to the invitation of Brother Superior General. Thank you for taking up the challenge of leaving behind very successful ministries and ways of life, loved cultures, families and, like Abraham, being ready to move into unexplored territories.”

There are another two groups of Brothers waiting to go to the 5th and 6th session in Davao. Let us pray for the Brothers in this 4th group as they use this 5 months of discernment, but also for all the Brothers who are presently in mission countries, and all those who have volunteered to be sent on mission.

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