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Marist Spirituality and the “Water from the Rock”



Mid-Life Spirituality Course. Manziana 2008

25/02/2008: Italy

Br. Teofilo came to Manziana on February 8-9, 2008 and shared with us his insights about Marist Spirituality as presented in the book “Water from the Rock.” The book is a milestone for the institute in that this resource will help to articulate and bring out multiple of aspects of Marist Spirituality.

He was brimming with fire and enthusiasm as he presented Champagnat’s charism as a gift for the church and Lay Partners. Br. Teofilo suggested the importance of “Water from the Rock” as a foundational resource and living document that may be contextualized and adapted into the many cultures that form the international Marist community and family. He also suggested that the Brothers needed to work on a better understanding and knowledge of scriptures as a source for developing a ‘Marcellinian Spirituality’, which is a rather innovative expression.

Down below are some of the reflections of the Brothers who attended Br. Teofilo’s sharing on Marist Spirituality

We acknowledge and thank Br. Teofilo for his forthright, challenging, provocative way of making the document “Water from the Rock” a source for Marist Spirituality to develop. (Br. Stephen Filipo, Samoa)

We thank Br.Teofilo for sharing with us the fruits of “The Water from the Rock,” and our Marist Spirituality. It was a really moving experience of how Marist Spirituality can be shared and lived. (Br. John Malamo from Papua New Guinea)

The presentation of “Water from the Rock” by Br. Teofilo Minga was a real eye opener for me. I never realized before that we have a rich spirituality in our Marist Institute. I was so impressed to discover that our Marist Spirituality directs our journey to those places where others would prefer not to go and that this experience urges us to move ahead, with courage and apostolic zeal to difficult missions. (Br. Vincent from Malawi)

Br. Teofilo’s words about Marist Spirituality felt like they flowed from the spring of life, like water from the rock. His enthusiasm was contagious. (Br. Hadayat from Pakistan )

What struck me most was the word “compassion” - that our spirituality is a spirituality of compassion. I never heard that before and I slowly realized that it is true. I could see it in Champagnat’s Montagne experience and even in his letters to Br. Dominic and the other Brothers. Father Champagnat indeed, followed the footsteps of the compassionate Jesus and the compassionate Mary. (Br. Dom from the Philippines)

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