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A course on the spiritual patrimony of the Institute

26/02/2008: General House - Photo gallery

On February 11th 2008, the feast of our Lady of Lourdes, there began in Rome, in our General House, a course of studies lasting for five months on Marist spiritual patrimony. The course is centred on the knowledge of our founder and the first Brothers, but will focus on the development of the Institute’s history until the present day. The origins not only belong to our Marist spiritual patrimony but the whole wealth accumulated throughout the years of institutional life. The course is being carried out in English. In fact it is the second of its kind, because in 1993 a similar one was carried out in French which also took place in Rome.

The Institute has known a generation of high-level Marist investigators and contributors who have made a beautiful contribution to making Marcellin better known, his character, his work and that of the first Brothers. Today we feel the need to reinforce the importance of these distinguished Brothers and to form a new generation of investigators and contributors for our historical and spiritual Marist patrimony, who possess a more profound and extensive knowledge of the Marist charism, as well as a strong love of Marcellin and his work.

The programme of the course includes, among other topics, the study of the French historical, social and geographical contexts, the Champagnat’s correspondence, testimonies, legislation, the first Brothers, branches of the Society of Mary, Marist spirituality, Marist saints, etc. There are plans to visit the Marist places during the month of April, lasting two weeks. Due to the work of remodelling the Hermitage which will already be taking place on those dates, the Brothers will stay in Valpré (Lyon).

The group is made up of 22 people: 21 Brothers and a Marist priest. Its members represent the five continents: 6 from Africa, 5 from Asia, 5 from Europe, 4 from Oceania, 2 from America. Their names, nationality and province are as follows:
August Hendlmeier (German, West Central Europe), Aureliano Brambila, Director (Mexican, Western Mexico), Auxensio Dickson (Malawian, Southern Africa), Ben Consigli (American, United States), Benedict Umoh (Nigeriano, Nigeria), Chris Maney (New Zealander, New Zealand), Colin Chalmers (Scottish, West Central Europe), Demosthenes Calabria (Philippine, Eastern Asia), Elias Iwu (Nigerian, Nigeria), Georges Palandre (French, Hermitage), Godfrey Perera (Sri Lankan, Southern Asia), Henri Bashizi (Congolese, East Central Africa), Herman Boyek (Papuan, Melanesia District), Jean Pierre Destombes (French, Hermitage), Juan Castro (Mexican, Southern Asia), Michael Green, Superior (Australian, Sydney), Niño M. Pizarro (Philippine, Eastern Asia), Peter Walsh (Australian, Melbourne), Pierre Joseph Rasolomanana (Madagascan, Madagascar), Robert Teoh (Malayan, Eastern Asia), Vincent de Paul Kouassi N’Guessan (Ivorian, Mediterránea), Willy Weemaes, SM, Chaplain (Dutch).

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