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Manziana 2008



Mid-Life Spirituality Course. Manziana 2008

02/03/2008: Italy

It all started when through our Provincials, we were invited for this Mid-life Spirituality Program. The 20th of January was the official day of arrival at the Marist International Spirituality Centre. The team at Manziana is led by Barry Burns from New Zealand, Antonie Kazindu from Rwanda his assistant, Andrew Fournier the Econome from the Province of Southern Africa and Monsignor John Broadbent our Chaplain from New Zealand.

We participants from different Provinces were warmly welcomed by the team through a ritual that was full of meaningful symbols. In the community room the globe of the whole world was placed in the centre with each of us seated around it and was connected to it by a red ribbon. This symbolized our coming together from different cultures to form the Manziana 2008 English speaking Mid-lifers’ community. The members of the community are as follows Andrew Chan from Hong Kong, Deodato Magomero, Vincent Chunga and Joseph Murakho from Malawi, Dominador Santiago from the Phillipines, Francis Ohiri from Nigeria, John Malamo from PNG-Bouganville, Sooriya Appuhamy from Sri Lanka, Stephen Filipo from Samoa, Succeed Nyuke from Zimbabwe and Hadayat Deen from Pakistan.

After the symbolic welcome the team introduced themselves to us through their life stories. The sharing of their life stories was so touching that after each story we felt that we’ve understood who our formators were. After each presentation we had a few moments of silence to honor each of the sharing for they helped us to understand better our formators. This was then followed by 2 days of life moving stories of all the participants. At the end of all the presentations we had a better understanding of each other. Then, Bros Barry and Antoine gave us an overview of the Mid-life Spirituality program.

The first course was presented by Fr John Fuellenbach SVD. His talks were down to earth and were centered on the following themes; the images of God and the Kingdom of God. After three days he left us with a better understanding of who Jesus was to His disciples and who He is for us today.

By: Br. Suceed Nyuke, FMS

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