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Brother Superior General Visits Mediterránea Province

12/03/2008: Spain

Brother Superior General visited the Mediterránea Province from February 18 to March 5. The visit began at the community of Carmagnola in Italy and ended at the Champville School in Lebanon. At the latter establishment Brother Seán sat in on the Provincial Council meeting.

In the course of his visit, the Superior General met with all the different groupings and organizations of the Province: novices, ministry teams, those responsible for social activities, Christian life associations, Mar-cha, scouts, members of various social action associations, administrative teams and bursars, representatives of Champagnat fraternities, former-students’ associations, parents of students, affiliates, relatives of the Brothers.

It goes without saying that he also met the Brothers who assembled at: Genoa, Castil-leja de la Cuesta, Guardamar, Rome et Ibail (Lebanon). Brother Seán focused his remarks upon four topics: the vitality and ongoing meaningfulness of the Institute; charism; Marcellin; religious life. “It is from our experience of God,” said Brother Seán, “that the Institute’s vitality flows, a vitality which is made manifest in our personal fidelity, in apostolic fruitfulness and the richness brought to us by new vocations.”

Brother Seán reflected upon charism as defined by Pope Paul VI: to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit. “Do we give witness by our lives,” asked Brother Superior General, “that the Holy Spirit, so alive and active in Marcellin’s life, continues to give new life through us?”

Commenting upon Marcellin Champagnat, Brother Seán stated, « He loved God. Today, he would not be pessimistic if he were to look at all the varied kinds of resources which are at our disposal: 4000 Brothers, 40,000 lay people, and half a million students.”

The Superior General brought up for consideration the concept of religious life that existed in the Church prior to Vatican II. The Council stated clearly “that religious belong to the charism of the Church.”

He wrapped up his presentation by focusing upon what our identity requires of us: “We must be men of mission, of community and of prayer, in imitation of Mary, and we must be such men in collaboration with the laity. As Marcellin desired, we must act with, and on behalf of, the poor.”

The Superior General was accompanied by Brother Ernesto Sánchez, of the Province de Mexico Occidental, secretary of the Bureau of Vocation Ministry. Brother Ernesto spoke on voation ministry and offered information about Marist novitiates.

The Eucharist preceded a banquet which served to bring the meetings to a close, and the resulting ambiance was altogether warm and brotherly.

About 700 members of the Marist family, Mediterránea Province, had the chance to get to know Brother Superior General, to listen to him and to speak with him. Three communities of senior Brothers also had the good fortune to receive him at their residences.

It was exactly in 2003 that Brothers Pau Fornells and Iván Buenfil, as delegates of Brother Seán Sammon, visited the Mediterránea Province over the months of September, October and November. A bit later, February 24 to March 25 2007, Brothers Emili Turú and Peter Rodney, member of the General Council, also made a Province visit.

Bro. José Delgado García

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