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25 June

Sts. Jason & Sosipater;
1993 - Inauguration of the Marist Asian Center (MAC)

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Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats

08/01/2015: General House

We present the calendar of the General Council and the directors of the Secretariats of the Institute for the months of January, February and March of this year.

December 22 - January 11: interprovincial retreats in Mexico - Eugène Kabanguka and Josep Maria Soteras
January 4-9: novitiate South Asia, Sri Lanka - Emili Turú
January 10-22: visit province Europe Centre-Ouest. Javier Espinosa and Pep Buetas
January 10-15: Marist Youth Festival, Sydney (Australia) - Emili Turú
January 16 - 19: Comité Control Belford Found, Rome - Víctor Preciado
January 17-31: Marist & LaSalle, inter-congregational (Beyond the Borders) in Lebanon and Jordan - Chris Wills
January 19: beginning of the plenary meeting of the General Council (until February 27), General House
January 22-24: meeting of the General Councils of  the Marist Family, Manziana - Italy
January 29-30: meeting of the General Council with the New Models’ Project Team, General House - Miguel Angel and João Carlos do Prado

February 3-7: meeting of the International Commission of Brothers Today, General House - Tony Leon and Hipólito Pérez
February 4-6: meeting of evaluation of FMSI, General House - Michael De Waas
February 7: Board MIUC, Nairobi - Joe McKee
February 9-12: meeting of the Conference of the provincials of Africa, Nairobi - Joe Mc Kee and Ernesto Sánchez
February 13-14: meeting of the European Team of Brothers Today, Lisbon (Portugal) - Tony Leon and Hipólito Pérez
February 17-18: meeting of the New Models Commission: Project Team ATKearny, General House - João Carlos do Prado, Miguel Angel, Victor Preciado and Josep Maria Soteras
February 19-20: meeting of the General Council with the Commission of New Models, General House
February 19-24: meeting of co-directors of the Brothers and Laity Secretariat. Rome. Javier Espinosa
February 23-24: meeting of the General Council with the directors of  the Secretariats, General House
February 25: meeting of the General Council with the Team of FMSI, General House
February 27: end of the plenary meeting of the General Council

March 2-4: meeting of the Inter-American Commission of Spirituality, Brothers and Laity, Quito (Ecuador) - Tony Leon, Hipólito Pérez and Javier Espinosa
March 5-14: meeting with provincial commissions of Norandina and Mexico - Javier Espinosa
March 7 to 1 May: visit to the province of Compostela - Antonio Ramalho and Ernesto Sánchez
March 18-25: meeting of the Preparatory Commission of the International Marist mission Assembly - evaluation Nairobi, Assembly publications and support Regional Phase, Hermitage (France) - João Carlos do Prado, Miguel Angel Espinosa, Tony Leon and Javier Espinosa
March 19 to June 14: program Senderos in El Escorial (Spain) and 'Mid Life' in Manziana (Italy)
March 23: regular Council
March 29 - April 5: Assembly of the province of Brazil Centro-Sul, Curitiba - Emili Turú, Eugène Kabanguka

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