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IVth Meeting of the Council of Rectors and Representatives of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
2010-11-16 - Brazil

The Meeting took place in the Events Centre of the PUCRS of Porto Alegre. The University excelled itself in attending to and caring for those taking part, accomodated in the various communities of the Marist Brothers in the city. Transport was provided each day. A group of auxiliary personnel accompanied and assisted the members of the meeting, facilitating the work of the Secretariat and other practical matters.

The meals at the end of each morning were taken in the Panoramic Restaurant of the University. At the end of each afternoon, the Eucharist was celebrated in the University Church. The Pastoral group organising this prepared booklets in the different languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English). A short time of prayer prepared for the start of each day also helped us place our work in the presence of God. Brothers José María Ferre and Teófilo Minga acted as efficient simultaneous translators during the meeting. We cannot fail to be grateful for the organisation of all these details and congratulate the organisers for their success in putting them into practice.

5 October 2010
The Meeting began at 8:30 a.m. in the Event Centre of the University with the inauguration ceremony. Brothers Evilazio Teixeira and Juan M. Anaya welcomed those present in the name of the Executive Committee of the Council elected at Salamanca (Spain) in 2008.

This was followed immediately by the constituting of the Presidential Board. Then the participants listened to the singing of the Pontifical anthem and the Brasilian national anthem. Subsequently, the members of the Board spoke briefly:

• Br. Juan M. Anaya, Secretary of the Mission Commission of the General Council, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Council.
• Br. Arlindo Corrent, President of the Marist Union of Brasil (UMBRASIL).
• Br. Joaquim Clotet, Rector Magnifico of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, our host.
• Br. Inácio Etges, Provincial Superior of the Marist Province of Rio Grande do Sul.
• Dom Dadeus Grings, Metropolitan Archbishop of Porto Alegre, grand chancellor of the University.
• Br. Josep Maria Soteras, Councillor General of the Marist Brothers and the said Council’s liaison for America, representing Br. Emili Turú, Superior General, who was unable to attend for reasons of health.

Then followed a viewing of an institutional video of the University, a brief introduction of those present in the room (name, IHE and country of origin, role in the institution), directed by Br. Evilazio, and the Meeting was declared open. The first talk of the Meeting was given by Br. Joaquim Clotet. Its title was: Major challenges for the University in the XXI century, subtitled: Considerations and Perspectives for Marist Higher Education in the XXI century.

Profesor João Dornelles Júnior (PUCRS) acted as moderator. After a short interval for rest and refreshment, the first Round Table was held. Those taking part were Brothers Joaquim Clotet, Clemente Ivo Juliatto (Rector of PUCPR) and José María Amigo (Director of the School of Alcalá de Henares), co-ordinated by Br. João Carlos do Prado (Executive Secretary of UMBRASIL). The topic was: Vision of the future of the IHE (Unesco, Fiuc, Proceso de Bolonia). The speakers presented, respectively, the challenges deduced from the activities and documents of each of the 3 organizations considered in the title. After lunch, the members visited some of the departments of the University: the Museum of Science and Technology, the department of Extramural Education and the Library. The meal which closed the day provided an excellent opportunity for conviviality and dialogue over an excellent Churrasco Gaúcho in the Galpão Crioulo.

6 October 2010
At 9 in the morning, after the opening prayer, Br. Evilazio Teixeira and Professor of PUCRS Paulo Roberto Franco gave the second conference of the Meeting. Its title: Mission and Management in our Marist IHE. Challenges for the future. Br. Juan M. Anaya was moderator. After a brief pause, the second Round Table took place, with the participation of Brothers John McMahon (Director of the Marist Postgraduate Project with the Australian Catholic University), Silvestre Jacob (Rector of ISMA) and Evilazio Teixeira. It was co-ordinated by Professor Manuela Suassuna (Academic Director of the Catholic Faculty of Ceará) and had as topic: Future directions for the development of the Marist IHE. At 2 in the afternoon, work began with Brothers Evilazio Teixeira and Juan M. Anaya conducting a Forum, open to the participation of all present, to gather the reactions, questions, and contributions raised by the challenges presented up to that time in the Meeting . The rest of the afternoon was used to visit the Park of Technology maintained by the University which allows collaborative work with the world of business and technological development.

7 October 2010
At 9 a.m. after the opening prayer, Br. Josep Maria Soteras read the third conference of the Meeting, which had been prepared by Br. Emili Turú, Superior General. Its title: What does the Marist Institute expect from its IHE? subtitled: Some dreams for the future of the Marist IHE. Professor João Sombra (Director General of the Marist Faculty of Recife) acted as moderator. After a brief pause, there was the third Round Table, with Professors Ricardo Tescarolo (of PUCRS), Jaime Nieto (Rector of the Marist University of Queretaro) and Br. Wilfredo Lubrico (Rector of Notre Dame of Marbel University). It was co-ordinated by Professor Miquel Baquedano Pérez (of the Marist University of Mérida), and had as theme: The Marist Mission Document in Higher Education – Practical applications for the future. Professor Ricardo Tescarolo presented the project of Extramural Postgraduate Studies in Marist Mission and Spirituality, entrusted by the General Council of the Marist Brothers to PUCPR.

The afternoon work was entirely devoted to the approval of the Statutes of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education. These Statutes were partly approved at the Meeting of the Council in Salamanca (2008). The working group charged with completing and presenting a proposal at this Meeting was represented on the Board by Professor Marcelino Lozano (Director of the Macnab Bernal Institute) and Br. Silvestre Jacob, acting as reporter and secretary. The moderator was Br. Juan M. Anaya. In the attached document you can read the finally approved Statutes. Those present at the Meeting were of the opinion that the said Statutes may be modified by a majority vote at the next meetings of the Council as circumstances require for the desirable development of the Network. It is specified who are the foundation IHE of the Network and lists the persons from each IHE who will act as a contact person. This information can be found in the attached documents.

8 October 2010
The first part of the morning was devoted to the study of the proposal of the working group responsible for studying the exchange of knowledge, students and professors among our IHE. This group was represented on the board by Br. Luis Adalberto Dávalos (Rector of the Marist University of Guadalajara), acting as reporter and moderator, and Professor Gabriel Morales (of the same University), who acted as secretary. Appreciation was expressed for the work achieved to date by the working group, but the final conclusion was that it was better to keep the group working in order to present a proposal of agreement which contemplates the movement of students among our IHE and provides clearer details about how to exchange knowledge among ourselves. Br. Luis Adalberto Dávalos was asked to send information to the IHE on acquired domain, the possibilities it offers for sharing information, and a proposal for linking ourselves mutually through the internet.

A little before 11 a.m. Brothers Joaquim Clotet and Wilfredo Lubrico signed in the presence of the Council an agreement of co-operation between the Universities of which they are Rectors. The Council decided to postpone the meal in order to finish deciding matters related to the Meeting, and the work necessary for its preparation, and the action of the Network during the intervening period. Brothers Evilazio Teixeira and Juan M. Anaya co-ordinated the work. The decisions taken were:

• The V Meeting of the Council will be held in 2012, at the Marist University of México.
• The new Executive Committee of the Council will consist of Brothers José Antonio Espinoza (Rector of the Marist University of México) as Co-ordinator, João Carlos do Prado (new Director of the Mission Bureau of the Marist Brothers), as Secretary and John McMahon (Director of the Marist Postgraduate Project with the Australian Catholic University), together with Professors Ricardo Tescarolo (PUCPR) and Manuel Carretero (Marcellin Champagnat Faculty of the Human and Social Sciences of the Pontifical University of Salamanca). The last three as members.
• In addition to the already existing one on the exchange of knowledge and students (Br. Luis Adalberto Dávalos – Marist University of Guadalajara), the following new working groups were constituted:

a) To complete the proper norms of the Network: Brothers Clemente Ivo Juliatto (Rector of PUCPR), Armando Bortolini (PUCRS) and Silvestre Jacob (Rector of ISMA).
b) On University Ministry: Brothers Vicente Ojeda (Vice Rector of the Marist University of Querétaro), Wilfredo Lubrico (Rector of Notre Dame of Marbel University) and Pablo González (Rector of Marcelino Champagnat University).
c) On mobility of teaching, auxiliary and service personnel: Professors Miguel Baquedano (Marist University of Mérida), Gabriel Morales (Marist University of Guadalajara) and Fernando González (Marcellin Champagnat Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the Pontifical University of Salamanca).
d) On Extramural Postgraduate Studies in Marist Mission and Spirituality: Professors Ricardo Tescarolo (PUCPR), Jaime Nieto (Rector of the Marist University of Querétaro) and João Dornelles Júnior (PUCRS).

The final evaluation of the meeting showed a high level of satisfaction among the participants, with great emphasis on the formidable welcome provided by the PUCRS and the Brothers of the Province of Rio Grande do Sul. Other aspects noted were the excellent spirit of brotherhood which animated the meeting, as well as the good degree of accomplishment of the objectives of getting to know one another, share reflections, and plan jointly for the future. The academic activities of the Meeting concluded at 2 p.m. leaving the afternoon free for personal activities. At the end of the afternoon, we gathered in the Juniorate House for the thanksgiving Mass and a festive meal. The majority of those present took part in a guided tour of the Sierra Gaúcha the following day, 9 Octuber.

Juan Miguel Anaya Secretary of the Mission Commission of the General Council of the Marist Brothers

Some dreams for the future of the Marist Institutions of Higher Education Br. Emili Turú, Superior General
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