The Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions has been elected

Three representatives will continue in office for a period of two years, according to the vote on Thursday
2019-04-05 - Peru

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Having discussed the identity of the network and exchanging experiences from each region, the representatives of higher education institutions elected on Thursday the new executive committee of the International Marist Network of higher education institutions.

The Vicar General of the Marist Institute, Brother Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco, began the agenda for the day, inviting the participants to follow the entire path that the Network is building in this assembly. According to the Vicar General, "the size of our institutions, their academic and professional backgrounds are very diverse" . "The Institute recognizes this diversity and accepts it as a way of communion among all," he emphasized this, while reminding those present that "in the calls of the Chapter we can find ways to build the mission and create possibilities of synergy for the Network."


We all are the Institute

After the first session, of the morning, the Superior General, Br. Ernesto Sanchez, gave his farewell speech recognizing the importance of the moment. "Let's dream together, and not only in those three days, but over the years," he emphasized. "In this assembly of the institutions of Higher Education, we have a splendid challenge and we are together," he concluded. After the address of the Superior General, the group began to talk about the Network's Operative Model, with the moderation of Br. Valdícer Fachi. The activity continued until the afternoon, when the representatives initiated the combinations for the election of the new Executive Committee.


Language diversity in the Committee

At the end of the day, the new Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Educational Institutions were elected. In this new composition it was agreed that the group will be composed of three members and that each one will represent a language of the Network. Therefore, Brother Manuir Mentges, Pro-rector of Graduate and Continuing Education of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), was elected president and member of the Committee - representative of Portuguese speaking; Brother David Hall, dean of the Catholic University of Australia, representative of the English language and Br. Roberto Mendez Lopés, rector of the Marist University of Querétaro, representative of the Spanish language. The new composition is different when compared to the other years, when the Committee was composed of five members. All elected members will serve the Network for two years.

In the next two days, there will be discussions on the future priorities of the Network, the main projects and the practical issues of flow and operation of the group.

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