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11 Members chosen to prepare the general chapter in 2017

16/06/2015 / 6878

22nd General Chapter: 11 Members chosen to prepare the general chapter in 2017

The Institute’s general council has appointed 11 members for the preparatory commission of the XXII general chapter in 2017.

They include brothers Joseph McKee, Eugène Kabanguka, Carlos Huidobro, Pau Fornells, João Gutemberg, Álvaro Sepúlveda, Ben Consigli, Juan Carlos Fuertes, Vincent de Paul Kouassi, Darren Burge, Rajakumar Susai Manickam.

“Thanks also to those brothers who have agreed to be part of the preparatory commission of the general chapter, which will animate the path of the Institute towards this important Marist event,” said superior general brother Emili Turú in a message dated May 24.

Br Joseph McKee, the Institute’s vicar general, of the West Central Europe province, will be the coordinator of the commission.

Br Pau Fornells, who has been appointed as secretary of the superior general, will be the executive secretary of the commission. Belongs to the Province Norandina.

Br Eugène Kabanguka, of the Central East-Africa province, is a member of the Institute’s general council.

Br Carlos Huidobro, of the Cruz del Sur province, is the secretary general.

Br Álvaro Sepúlveda, of the Santa María de los Andes province, is the regional coordinator of FMSI in the Cono Sur region.

Br Ben Consigli has been provincial of the United States until June.

Br Darren Burge, of the Australia province, is director of Saint Augustine’s College in Cairns.

Br João Gutemberg is the current superior of the district of Amazonia in Brazil.

Br Juan Carlos Fuertes, current vice provincial of the Mediterránea province, has been recently appointed provincial of the same province.

Br Vincent de Paul Kouassi, of the Collège Marcellin Champagnat in Korhogo, Ivory Coast, belongs to the West Africa district.

Br Rajakumar Susai Manickam, of the South Asia province, is director of the ‘Operation Rainbow’ project in India.