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Marist educational communities of Rosario

27/04/2017 / 7779 |

22nd General Chapter: Marist educational communities of Rosario

Sixty members of the two Marist educational communities of Rosario, Argentina, (School of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Marcellin Champagnat School) gathered to experience walking together towards the 22nd General Chapter.

The meeting took place in a climate of depth, interiority and joy, living moments of great communion inspired especially by the Holy Spirit, in relation to the meetings proposed by the Preparatory Commission.

After the three years of preparation for the celebration of the 200 years of the Institute, illuminated by the letters of Brother Emili inviting us to a New Beginning, we began the first stage of the Pre-chapter Process creating new conversations oriented to live indepth the La Valla experience today and contemplating with empathy and merciful eyes the world that surrounds us and its emerging realities, especially the ones of those less favoured, focusing especially on children, adolescents and young people.

Once this first stage culminated, the participants' commitment was to continue with enthusiasm the process in the second pre-chapter stage, entering into the territory of the new, through immersion encounters in the peripheries previously identified. It is about meeting someone or a specific situation of pain to accompany them with discretion, closeness and, above all, with much love.

There will eventually be a moment to talk about the immersion meetings culminating in the harvest of the fruits together with brothers and lay Marists of nearby communities and Chapter delegates.