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Proclaiming a New La Valla

22/08/2017 / 7589

22nd General Chapter: Proclaiming a New La Valla

In two weeks, the capitulants will arrive in Rionegro, Colombia, to experience the 22nd General Chapter, which begins on Sept. 8.

The 94 participants in the respective administrative units are currently meeting with the Marists, whom they will represent at the Chapter, and "reaping the fruits" of the pre-chapter process prepared by the Preparatory Commission.

The intention of this process was to invite the Marists, brothers and lay people, to find the world that is being formed, in order to feel where the potential for the Marist charism is.

The participants are collecting the testimonies and will transmit that wealth to the Chapter Assembly, which will have the task of indicating the way for ‘a new La Valla’.

The information about the General Chapter will be disseminated daily through the site created for the Chapter. They will also be replicated on the official site of the Institute.

The website will report on the activities and is a door through which all Marists, from all over the world, can enter and be in tune with their representatives.

In addition to news and videos, the page will allow browsers to get to know the participants, send messages, view the programme each day and have access to some documents.


Chapter Newsletter

As of Sept. 7, it is possible to receive daily news about the Chapter. The service, in the four languages of the Institute, will be offered to those who have registered in the list created specifically for the Chapter (subscribe to the list).

The bulletin Marist News will continue with its weekly edition and will have, as always, a section with news from the Marist world. At the same time, it will present, during the period of the Chapter, a summary of the activities of each week.


Social media: #LaValla2017

In relation to the three years of preparation for the beginning of the Third Marist Centennial, the XXII General Chapter, which has as its motto “A New La Valla”, invites us to a new beginning.

As Emili Turú emphasized in the Convocatory Letter, “it is to make La Valla relevant today,at the beginning of the 21st century, as a new world is emerging”.

Given this motivation, we chose to use the hashtag #LaValla2017 on the net. Our channels on YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter will use this expression to divulge all the information related to the activities of the Chapter Assembly.

The whole Marist world is invited to use that same hashtag in their post and to spread that message through the digital world.