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Documents regarding the development of the General Chapter

07/09/2017 / 6794

22nd General Chapter: Documents regarding the development of the General Chapter

Among the documents the capitulants received in recent weeks, some are related to the very development of the Chapter Assembly. All these documents are presented as proposals and will have to be approved by the Chapter itself.

1.     The Chapter Process of the 22nd General Chapter:is the result of the work of the Pre-Chapter Commission for the Revision of the Regulations of the General Chapter, formed by Brothers Ben Consigli, Luis Carlos Gutiérrez and Maurice Berquet. It is a proposed document replacing the text previously known as Chapter Regulations.

2.     Statutes of the 22nd General Chapter:The Commission cited above also proposes some changes in the document of the last Chapter.

3.     Facilitation Commission for the 22nd General Chapter:An authoritative document of the Preparatory Commission, it suggests the capitulants the creation of a commission that facilitates a process that allows the General Chapter, as a body, to live and experience a new La Valla.

4.     Methodology for the 22nd General Chapter:It is a methodological proposal designed by the Preparatory Commission, which aims at allowing the capitulants to open themselves to the Spirit and answer two fundamental questions: what does God want us to be and do in this emerging world?

5.     Overall movement of the 22nd General Chapter:it is a proposal of a schedule of activities made by the Preparatory Commission to the capitulants. The final schedule will be approved by the Chapter itself.