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Developing an awareness of the role of capitulants

11/09/2017 / 7325 |

22nd General Chapter: Developing an awareness of the role of capitulants

On this first Sunday in Rionegro, the capitulants continued their work inspired by today’s Gospel: "If two of you on the earth agree about any thing you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven" (Matthew 18:19).

The first session began at 9.30 am after the Eucharistic celebration. Matthieu Daum, the facilitator, invited the participants, at their table groups, to reflect on and share their responses to four questions that related to introducing oneself, one’s experience of previous chapters, which previous Chapter most marked one's life, and what kind of Chapter one has in mind for this General Chapter.

The second session began with feedback from the table conversations, focused mainly on participants’ hopes and expectations for this General Chapter. Below are some shared thoughts:

  • There is a very fraternal climate. There is no rush in determining topics to be dealt with ... There is a very contemplative attitude, an openness to the new, to the spirit of the Lord; being docile, letting the Spirit lead wherever the Spirit wants to lead;
  • The Chapter should take up the process proposed by the preparatory commission, principally regarding the mission, so that it may reflect on the charism of Champagnat and the demands of today;
  • The new, suggested by the Chapter logo, is not distant, but already exists, it is germinating;
  • Discernment happens first individually and then in the group, without being a matter of authority, which imposes a process;
  • What is the place of lay vocation in the Institute? The chapter should help answer this question;
  • As Marist Brothers, what does the Lord ask about the theme of ecology?
  • Let us open ourselves to the will of God, who brings the new, even if sometimes we do not see it.

The second session also took up the theme of the "General Movement of the General Chapter" proposed by the Preparatory Commission.


Programming and process of the XXII General Chapter

The first afternoon session began with a Marian Moment, led by Brother Anselmo Kim. Assisted by the technical staff from Curitiba, the voting system, which will be conducted through an APP, was again tested.

The proposal for the "Overall movement of the Chapter", was then put to a vote and approved by a majority of the participants.

At the fourth session of the day, the assembly discussed the document, "The Chapter Process of the 22nd General Chapter", which was prepared and presented by a commission that reviewed the "Rules of Procedure of the General Chapter". This conversation concluded with a sounding that positively verified the Assembly agreed with the implementation of the proposal.

Mathieu then informed the participants that they are no longer "delegates" or "members by law", but had become "capitulants" or, for the guests, participants in the Chapter. Conscious of this reality, participants were asked: “What is the difference between the role that was played before the 8th September and the one assumed now here in Rionegro?” “What must one leave behind inherent to the former role and what now to embrace as a "capitulant”? These provocative questions were the basis for pairs to spend some time sharing together.

The final day’s activity, before dinner, was for fraternity groups to share on the talk Brother Emili gave on the opening day of the Chapter.

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