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Marist Creed for a New Beginning

02/10/2017 / 8303

22nd General Chapter: Marist Creed for a New Beginning

Today, 29th September 2017, in a spirit of shared faith and life that we call the Emmaus Community, we want to express our faith in this new beginning. The occasions we have lived together with the Brothers and lay Marists of the General Chapter have been experiences of sharing and faith that have, in a very concrete way, touched us. We want to thank you all for this gift of being able to witness first-hand this important event in the Institute!


I BELIEVE in God who speaks to us in the world today. I believe we can respond.

I BELIEVE in the experience of simplicity as a means to creating a brotherhood that unites us to God.

I believe that, as Marists, with the help of Mary, we can build a more fraternal world.

I BELIEVE that the Spirit of Jesus makes its way and opens paths through something as simple as a chapter community of brothers and sisters in availability, listening and searching.

I BELIEVE in universal communion as a reflection of a living Christ.

I BELIEVE in the culture of encounter.

I BELIEVE in the vocation of the Brother and Lay Marist lived in fraternity.

I BELIEVE in universal love.

I BELIEVE in God the Father, who reveals himself in the most needy of our society, and in Jesus, who calls us to show our faith in our actions. I believe in the Holy Spirit, who speaks to us in contemplation and in our experiences.

I BELIEVE that there are no distances or frontiers when we feel that we are BROTHERS among the BROTHERS.

I believe that this is a time of challenge, of being born and of walking with the help of the Spirit.

I BELIEVE in the Spirit, as the driving force behind this project. It is worth betting everything. It makes sense to be a Brother ... to be a Marist.

I BELIEVE in the presence of the Holy Spirit among us.

I believe that it is possible to live the Marist charism in today’s world.

I BELIEVE in the dream of Marcellin Champagnat. It is he who dreamed us as being BROTHERS.