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Elected 4 of the six councilors

10/10/2017 / 7687

22nd General Chapter: Elected 4 of the six councilors

Today, the new General Council at the XXII General Chapter is to be elected. This morning, four General Councilors were elected:  Ben Consigli (USA), João Carlos do Prado (Brasil Centro-Sul), Kenneth Charles McDonald (Australia) and Óscar Martín Vicario (Compostela).

The remaining two councilors will be elected this afternoon, beginning at 3:00pm.


From the Constitutions of the Institute:

136. The General Council is made up of the Brother Vicar General and of Brothers called Councilors General, who, with the Brother Superior General, form a community.

The General Chapter decides on the number of General Councilors (at least four) whom it is to elect, and on the way they are to be elected. At the time of their election, they must be at least ten years perpetually professed. Their term of office lasts from one ordinary General Chapter to the next.

136.1 Should circumstances call for it, the Brother Superior General and his Council can elect one or two other Councilors.