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Message of the XXII General Chapter

24/11/2017 / 17753

22nd General Chapter: Message of the XXII General Chapter

On Friday, Nov. 24, the Message of the 22nd General Chapter of the Marist Brothers, which was held in Rionegro, Colombia, from Sept. 8 – Oct. 20, was announced to all the Marists of Champagnat.

The core of the message is the slogan: Journeying Together as a Global Family, developed in five calls, which can also be expressed as a prayer:

Transform us Jesus, and send us
as a global charismatic family, a beacon of hope in this turbulent world,
to be the face and hands of your tender mercy.
Inspire our creativity to be bridge-builders,
to journey with children and young people on the margins of life,
and to respond boldly to emerging needs.

The message is the result of an exercise of discernment of the capitulars, who sought to answer two fundamental questions:
Who is God asking us to be in this emerging world?
What is God asking us to do in this emerging world?

The five calls, which are answers to these questions, are applied in five areas of Marist life and mission: our vocation as Brothers; our mission; Brother-Lay relationship, as Marists of Champagnat; government and how we use our resources.

The page to promote the message was created, with the support and cooperation of the Brasil Centro-Sul province: In this digital space, in addition to the message, it is possible to download other Chapter documents.

In addition, inherent resources will be added to the five calls, which will be protagonists in the life and mission of the Marists of Champagnat during the next eight years.

We invite the Administrative Units to share resources that will eventually create for the local implementation of the calls and that we will disclose through that page.

During the next few weeks, the Provinces will receive printed copies of the Message by mail. You can also print the message from the files available here below, in PDF:

•    Messsage of the XXII General Chapter
PDF A4 (30 MB): English | Español | Français | Português
Word: English | Español | Français | Português | Italiano
PDF - Print (50 MB): English | Español | Français | Português

•    Statement of the XXII General Chapter of the Marist Brothers to victims and survivors of abuse
PDF: English | Español | Français | Português | Deutsch