Revision of Constitutions and Statutes

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* February 2017: Second Draft
* May 2016: First Draft
2015 - tories of the Journey, told around the Fire


Constitutions and Statutes - Text of 1986 with the changes of the 19th, 20th and 21st General Chapters

The 21st General Chapter addressed the theme of our present Constitutions. The capitulants expressed themselves in the following words: “The 21st General Chapter believes that for a new world, we need a conversion of heart. A thorough revision of the Constitutions and Statutes, with the full participation of the Brothers, can help to revitalise our vocation. To facilitate this, the 21st General Chapter recommends that the General Government appoint a commission to carry out this revision and that the new text be presented at the 22nd General Chapter.” What we have, then, is an explicit recommendation from the Chapter.

The members of the last Chapter recognised the value of the Constitutions as the “application of the Gospel to our lives”. This is something that we all know: they are our rule, our magna carta, the written expression of our charism, our spirituality, our consecration, our mission, our style of life… And at the same time a declaration of our identity in the Church and before the world.

Second Commission
2015 - 2016
First Commission
2013 -  2014