Pre-Chapter Process

The intention of the pre-Chapter process is to engage all of us in encountering anew the world that is becoming, in order to sense where we feel the energy and the potential are for our Marist Charism.

To that end, the Preparatory Commission is inviting you to a three-stage process which is outlined below:

I - From October 2016 to February 2017
Creating New Conversations These three conversations will explore together: (a) the meaning of living the La Valla experience today, (b) becoming more aware of world around us, and (c) what else may be going on in the world that we are not yet aware of – and to imagine ways to reach out to and encounter those new realities.

II - From February to May 2017: Immersion Encounters
Entering New Territory Following the invitation of Pope Francis to be a Church that “goes out,” and that allows itself to be challenged by the geographical and existential frontiers, we are invited to go out to meet new realities, for example people or things on the margins, opening our minds and hearts to what the Spirit may wish to say to us through them.

III - From May to August 2017: Gathering the Fruits
As a prior step in our preparation for the General Chapter, the participants from each Administrative Unit will organize a time for communities or the whole Province or District to share experiences of the previous stages. This will help capitulants and all those invited to the Chapter capture what has come from their administrative unit and transmit this wealth of experience to the Chapter assembly


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