Preparatory Commission of the 22nd General Chapter

The Preparatory Commission members were Brothers Josep McKee (Coordinator); Eugène Kabanguka (General Council); Carlos Huidobro (General Administration); Pau Fornells (Secretary); João Gutemberg (Brasil Sul-Amazônia); Álvaro Sepúlveda (Sta. María de los Andes); Ben Consigli (USA); Juan Carlos Fuertes (Mediterránea); Vincent de Paul Kouassi (West Africa); Darren Burge (Australia); Rajakumar Soosai Manickam (South Asia) and Mr. Matthieu Daum (Facilitator).

  • Br Joseph McKee, the Institute’s vicar general, of the West Central Europe province, will be the coordinator of the commission.
  • Br Pau Fornells, who has been appointed as secretary of the superior general, will be the executive secretary of the commission. Belongs to the Province Norandina.
  • Br Eugène Kabanguka, of the Central East-Africa province, is a member of the Institute’s general council.
  • Br Carlos Huidobro, of the Cruz del Sur province, is the secretary general.
  • Br Álvaro Sepúlveda, of the Santa María de los Andes province, is the regional coordinator of FMSI in the Cono Sur region.
  • Br Ben Consigli has been provincial of the United States until June.
  • Br Darren Burge, of the Australia province, is director of Saint Augustine’s College in Cairns.
  • Br João Gutemberg is the current superior of the district of Amazonia in Brazil.
  • Br Juan Carlos Fuertes, current vice provincial of the Mediterránea province, has been recently appointed provincial of the same province.
  • Br Vincent de Paul Kouassi, of the Collège Marcellin Champagnat in Korhogo, Ivory Coast, belongs to the West Africa district.
  • Br Rajakumar Susai Manickam, of the South Asia province, is director of the ‘Operation Rainbow’ project in India.