Statutes of the General Chapter

This text has been revised in preparation for the XXI General Chapter. The printed version of the Acts of the XX General Chapter has some mistakes which have been mentioned during the General Conference in 2005. In the following text, clarifications have been approved by the General Council (GC decision 14-04-2009) regarding article 17: The conditions of elections. The XXI General Chapter changed solely article 12 of the Statutes. The change has been incorporated in the text that follows.

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1. The General Chapter
2. The Preparatory Commission
3. Convocation of the General Chapter
4. Suggestions for the General Chapter
5. The Functions of the General Chapter
6. The Election of the Brother Superior General
7. The Election of the Brother Vicar General
8. The Election of the Members of the General Council
9. The Composition of the General Chapter
10. Members by right
11. Elected Members
12. Additional Members
13. Brothers eligible for election
14. Brothers with the right to vote
15. The number of Delegates for a Province
16. The Date of the election of Delegates
17. The Conditions of the election
18. Voting Procedures
19. Voting by proxy
20. The Counting of the votes
21. The destruction of the ballot papers
22. The Report of the Elections
23. Obligation of the Delegates to attend the Chapter
24. Substitute for a Brother Provincial
25. Extension of the term of Office of the Br. Provincial
26. Verification of the election of Delegates
27. The Provisional Committee
28. The Opening of the General Chapter
29. Obligation of the Delegates to remain
30. The Closing of the General Chapter.